Some of the popular names in the social networking platform for years have been Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Well, these platforms have always been considered the best sources for social media marketing. However, in the last couple of years, the scenario has changed a lot. Many new sites have been introduced and they have also gained attention from the web crawlers. The digital landscape has gone through a rapid makeover and several new and effective social media sites have started to emerge. Instagram, a new social networking site, has evolved into the market and proved to be quite effective in promoting a brand or advertising a service/product. Most important of all, Instagram offers an easy and affordable way to promote a site. The organic exposure for any business becomes more promising with this social media site.

Why Instagram Marketing Looks So Promising?

Instagram has proved to be a great social media marketing option and there are valid reasons to prove the scenario. Here are some reasons that define Instagram’s effectiveness when it comes to marketing a business and promoting a brand:

The Instagram-mobile connect

Instagram was initially launched as an app, an application to be used exclusively with the smartphones. The app was somewhat different from what other social media sites tend to deliver. It strongly focuses on videos and images as a source of content. Presently, this social media site is also available on desktop platforms. More importantly, the simple, yet stripped down interface makes it easy and highly intuitive for the mobile users to access and utilize this social networking site. Instagram has gained tremendous popularity in the last couple of years and continues to create a positive impact for those who tend to invest in an effective social media strategy.

Better chances to publicise the posts

With Instagram, you not only gain followers, but also make them follow you. The same is not true with other social marketing apps like, Facebook and Twitter where a person can be friends with you, but he or she cannot use his or her account to follow yours. For using Instagram, the concept is absolutely simple: if someone wants to be in touch with you on this platform, he/she has to follow you. Followers for Instagram need to unfriend you in order to unfollow you. This is the only option available with this social media platform. What this suggests is the fact that the content will appear 100% in the follower’s feed, thus improving the chances of publicizing the posts in a better way.

A better way to visualise the storytelling approach

Instagram offers a better way to visualise the idea through the picture and video posts. Visual elements definitely help in promoting a business or brand in a better way. In fact, the approach is more compelling than what you would expect from word-based posts. Instagram’s visual commitment helps in building the audience online, and also creates an engaging way to promote a brand.

Well, you may say that there are many other ways to create a brand name for a business online. Yes, definitely there are and there will be. But, Instagram offers a feasible approach to promote a brand and that too, in a cost-effective way. And with the increasing level of popularity for this platform, your chance of marketing a business and gaining leads becomes higher than what you may have expected.