Starting Your Business

Starting Your Business

It doesn't have to be daunting!

Your new business starts right here. Register your company, get advice, a website, your marketing and more from Lobster and others.

Resources for starting your business

We have collected links to help you get your business started, find funding and support.

Articles & Advice

Looking for some helpful advice on starting your new venture. We have a library of articles that can help.

Recommended Companies

Review our list of companies that we can highly recommend.

Business Start-Up Resources

Over the years, we’ve helped many business start-up and grow, often from just an dream, taking it to a full reality with the business owner.

We love working in the exciting arena of start-ups when budgets are tight, the pressure is on and the dreams are huge.

Here we present resources to help you get started, find the help and information you need and the services that will make your idea a reality.

On the right of this page we present a number of links to external resources. Here you can register your business via one of our partners, register a domain name and even find investment for your new business.

Below we have collected a directory of businesses we’ve worked with over the years and can highly recommend.

Company Registrations (from £34.99+VAT)

Our company formation system offers an all inclusive, easy to use, cost effective solution to forming a limited company in the UK.

Register your domain

Make sure you nab the domain name you want for your website before someone else does!

Looking for investment?

Get connected to angel investors in the U.K. who are ready and waiting to meet you.

Welsh Government Support

We’re lucky in Wales to have a fantastic source of support, help, finance and more from the local Government

Support group

We have a popular support group for people just starting out in business. You’re welcome to join us.

Need a website and marketing?

Since 2004 we have been helping start up businesses to get established online with their website, social media, advertising, branding, business cards and much more…

Recent posts with tips on starting your business

Because It’s All About You…Isn’t It?

OK, stay with me here because I am going to talk about quite a dry subject – your About Me page. I can see you are rolling your eyes already..... Some people have a real problem with their About Me page. Can I ask you a question? Do you have an About Me or an About...

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Facebook Advertising, Is It Good Or Just A Face-Ache?

#Facebook Advertising, Is It Good Or Just A Face-Ache? Just about every small #business and sole trader will be working from a very tight #marketing budget, so every penny counts, as they say. You may have already tried a bit of #social media marketing before, but may...

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Gasp! Did You Just Use The ‘M’ Word?

Isn't it funny how attitudes change over the years. These days of #social media #marketing makes us, as small #business owners, very wary of coming over as marketers who are only interested in pushing our own product or service. You see, after many years of being...

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Why Your Small Business Advertising May Suck

Why Your Small #business Advertising May Suck It used to be so simple back in the glory days of advertising. The advertising agencies dreamed up a simple, yet catchy advertising slogan, and paired it with an appealing visual, then usually billed you with an amount...

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Is Your Social Media Marketing Too Much About You?

Is Your Social Media #marketing Too Much About You? If you have been around for a little while, and have created a good few blog posts that you have shared over social media, and also created some posts just to use on #facebook or #twitter etc. it will now be a good...

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Small Businesses Are Still Neglecting Social Media!

Small Businesses are still Neglecting Social Media! In a recent survey conducted by research firm Clutch, it was discovered that about 50% of small businesses either do not use social media at all, or have accounts that are not being actively used. One quarter of...

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How Social Media Can Boost Your Small Business

How Social Media can Boost your Small Business Social media can be a truly effective tool to encourage more sales for many new and existing small businesses. In a study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, it was found that close to 80% of consumers will...

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Do Locally Based Small Businesses Need Social Media?

Do locally based Small Businesses need Social Media? A lovely little boutique shop has just opened its doors for business in my local town centre, and to celebrate the opening the owner was throwing a bit of a welcome party. There were free drinks and nibbles on offer...

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