Starting Your Business

Starting Your Business

It doesn't have to be daunting!

Your new business starts right here. Register your company, get advice, a website, your marketing and more from Lobster and others.

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We have collected links to help you get your business started, find funding and support.

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Looking for some helpful advice on starting your new venture. We have a library of articles that can help.

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Business Start-Up Resources

Over the years, we’ve helped many business start-up and grow, often from just an dream, taking it to a full reality with the business owner.

We love working in the exciting arena of start-ups when budgets are tight, the pressure is on and the dreams are huge.

Here we present resources to help you get started, find the help and information you need and the services that will make your idea a reality.

On the right of this page we present a number of links to external resources. Here you can register your business via one of our partners, register a domain name and even find investment for your new business.

Below we have collected a directory of businesses we’ve worked with over the years and can highly recommend.

Company Registrations (from £34.99+VAT)

Our company formation system offers an all inclusive, easy to use, cost effective solution to forming a limited company in the UK.

Register your domain

Make sure you nab the domain name you want for your website before someone else does!

Looking for investment?

Get connected to angel investors in the U.K. who are ready and waiting to meet you.

Welsh Government Support

We’re lucky in Wales to have a fantastic source of support, help, finance and more from the local Government

Support group

We have a popular support group for people just starting out in business. You’re welcome to join us.

Need a website and marketing?

Since 2004 we have been helping start up businesses to get established online with their website, social media, advertising, branding, business cards and much more…

Recent posts with tips on starting your business

How To Find A Free Mentor For Your Start-up

When we start out in business, we need someone with experience to help us find the right path. We all need a mentor. Business coaches can be expensive. What if you can’t afford one? There are business people out there who have offered their time free of charge to help...

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How Your B2B Company Can Dominate Social Media

Using social media to engage with potential customers and to build a community around your company is not only useful for small businesses – B2B companies can also use sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to their advantage too! Much in the same way that a small business...

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Is Your Small Business Niche Suitable For Social Media?

Is Your Small Business Niche Suitable For Social Media?

In this day and age of constant contact, fresh content and high visibility, the notion of not participating on social media is an odd idea for most small business owners. It is hard to believe that there are still some businesses that don't have to do social media....

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Is Social Media The New Customer Complaints Department?

Is Social Media The New Customer Complaints Department? According to a study conducted by Echo Managed Services, a leading customer contact outsourcer, more consumers are turning to social media to voice their complaints than ever before. The study has shown that...

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New Year’s Resolutions For Small Businesses

So, here we are in a brand-new year! We have taken a well-deserved break to spend precious time with our family and friends, exchanged gifts – and probably gained so many extra pairs of socks that you will be good for the rest of the decade – and maybe also wished...

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Using Candid Photographs To Promote Your Business Brand

Using candid photographs to Promote your #Business Brand Earlier this year my local town launched a new #Facebook page to jointly promote local business alongside what is so great about our town. Rather than just write about a single business, or an upcoming special...

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How To Craft The Perfect Facebook Business Page

How To Craft The Perfect #Facebook Business Page When you are running your own small #business, you have to be a bit of a DIY expert, especially if you are a sole trader or have such a limited budget that you cannot hire in #social media professionals to help to boost...

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Are You Answering Back With Intent?

Are You Answering Back With Intent? Your blog and #social media sites are building a nice following, and you are seeing some comments on a regular basis, but is your dialogue really working for you? The more you converse with your readers, the more your engagement...

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Today I Am Going To Blog About…..Erm…

Small #business blogs. Love them or hate them, but what should you DO with them? You may be a natural born writer with lots of ideas spinning around your head that you can blog about. Then again, you may be the complete opposite, and really struggle to string a...

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Why Do We Crave Success, But Hate To See It In Others

Why Do We Crave Success, But Hate To See It In Others Back in the New Year, I joined a world-wide affiliate #marketing group with an aim to be part of a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, with a view to giving each other encouragement and moral support. All is going...

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