Social media is an essential tool in getting your music heard by the people that matters. There are over 39 million social media users in the UK, that’s an enormous audience to play to. If you have songs, or a band that you are promoting, why not cut out the initial need to get signed to a record label, or an agent? Instead, you can take your music straight to the audience that you are looking for. By doing this you will gain fans and followers, increase your social interaction and create a real buzz. Social media is a fast moving platform, particularly in the case of Twitter, so you’ll need to get moving, and start posting.

Creating your social media profile

In order to build your brand successfully, you need to create your social media profile in a way that will help fans recognise you and your music. Really take the time when you are setting up Facebook andTwitter profiles with plenty of information about your genre, your style and image. Make sure that all profile and background images are up to date and relevant. It will also help you to have a recognisable logo that you can use. The “About” and “Bio” sections can provide you with an excellent opportunity to show followers your personality and experience. Social Media has changed the music industryand now you can bypass record companies. This means though, that you have to be inventive and creative with theinformation that you give your followers. 

Using social media to promote your music

You can use your social media to share song and album clips as well as links to your music on other relevant sites, such as Spotify and Soundcloud. Help your followers to easily find where they can listen andpurchase your songs. Promoting your music online also means you can create calendar events to invite your audience to, such as gigs and festivals where you are playing. Take the opportunity to interact with other local bands, and artists that are playing in a similar genre to you. Social media is an excellent networking tool, and it will only help you to increase your followers.

Posting to your followers

Once you have set up your social media accounts, make sure that you post regularly. If you have less than 10,000 followers it is recommended that you only post a few times a week. You may not get as many clicks, but your engagement will be higher. If somebody comments on your posts and content, you should try and reply to comments as much as you can. Your fans should have a little bit of your attention in return, it will really help you to build up an audience. The number of times you post daily is really important, too many and followers will consider your posts to be spam. 

Social media is a wonderful way of promoting your music, and your followers should increase, simply by word-of-mouth. This is good publicity that you ultimately have control over, and will help you build a successful music brand.