The presence of social media can be felt everywhere and also seems to be touching everything right from the pattern in which businesses advertise their offerings to the way their websites appear. The Internet has encountered a significant impact with the social media platforms coming into existence. One area to which people don’t pay enough attention is how social media marketing has impacted website designing.  

Almost all businesses today have a presence on the different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and no other way can be better than this to let the customers know about your business’s presence. Owing to this reason, website designers today suggest business owners get their website incorporated into the social media sites. This can be done easily by creating a page on social media with your business’s name and incorporating the icons on your company’s web page. But, to ensure that the strategy is working properly, you will have to see that the links are functioning without fail.

Ways of Integrating Social Media Platforms to Website Design

So, as you are aware of how the integration of SMM to website design is beneficial, it is time to think the ways using which you can proceed with this integration.

# Inform your customers about the social media platforms you are present on

This is looked upon as the simplest mode of adding the social media platforms to your website. In your website design, you have to place the icons of the sites on which you are present. Though it is recommended to incorporate these icons on your website’s home page, it would be better if you can place them on all the pages. To enjoy free Instagram likes or more Facebook likes, the rule is to make sure that the social buttons are all visible. More visibility of these icons will help more users to interact with you. Also, don’t forget to add the ‘call-to-action’ option, as this will ask the visitors to ‘follow ‘or ‘like’ your brand.

# Enable social logins

Enabling social logins will help your visitors to get connected to you easily. This login feature will ask the customers to check in to your website using their Facebook or Twitter or Instagram details, which in turn will lead to the creation of an internal circle with whom you can stay connected.

# Make sure that the website design is social media-friendly and the content is shareable

The website design, i.e., right from the code to the content should be done in such a manner that it can be shared among your target audiences, in turn boosting the success potential of your business.

Wrapping up, along with these, you can also resort to the incorporation of Facebook reviews and YouTube videos.