As it’s the 7th of December I’m officially not saying Happy New Year to anyone else, we’re too far in to the year.

With the New Year comes the usual load of magazine covers bombarding you about how to ‘Get Fit for 2015’, ‘Work on your Summer body’, ‘Ways not to break your new years resolutions’.  I’ve never been one to make personal resolutions, especially not in January, as I, like everyone else will only fail 2 weeks in. Instead I try and just live the way I’d like to all year round, healthy eating, doing exercise I enjoy, spending time with family and most of all laughing as much as I can – all with differing levels of success.

However since becoming a business owner I’ve now been introduced to ‘business resolutions’, what our business resolutions are, what do we want from our businesses in 2015?  Again, as it’s well into the first week of 2015 I don’t particularly want to keep having these conversations with people, but it’s definitely prompted me to really commit to making a plan for this year. Not just a resolution for the here and now, but something which I can develop throughout the year and which is a long term plan, not short term fix.

So this weekend I will be sitting down to write down all the ways in which I want my business to evolve over 2015 and I will be taking some handy tips from this video about how to keep them. Especially as a first business resolution maker!