Are You Answering Back With Intent?

Your blog and sites are building a nice following, and you are seeing some comments on a regular basis, but is your dialogue really working for you?

The more you converse with your readers, the more your engagement value goes up with Google and the other search engines. But are you missing out on a hidden opportunity? Are you answering your readers questions with really useful information that will help them further, because that is what we are here to do.

When I talk about hidden opportunities, I don’t just mean the chance to really help your followers by answering their questions, I am also talking about your ability to add links to your replies.

When I see a comment or question on my blog or one of my pages, I see an opportunity to respond with intent, but also an opportunity to possibly generate some revenue at the same time. This is not always possible of course, and sometimes it is enough just to answer their questions. We are not here to spam our own comments and replies, so if you are going to use links in your replies, make sure they are completely relevant to their needs and actually will help them.

Where You Can Add Links To Your Comments

If you have been discussing a topic on your blog, for example the benefits of time management Apps, and a reader is asking a question, you could add a link to a review you did of one particular App they may find especially useful. This is not only helping your reader further, but they may also click through your affiliate link to buy the app, giving you a little commission payment in return.

You may sell a product or service that you know will benefit your reader, so you can include a link to that product or service in your reply, but not before actually engaging with them first!

You may even choose to send them to an external website that you know can help them if what they want is beyond your capability. This is helping your readers out, and will help to build loyalty and trust, so they are more likely to come back to you in the future.

A link to your customer feedback page would be useful for anyone who is hesitating about hiring your services. They may need a little more reassurance from other satisfied customers before taking the final step of hiring you.

Be Careful!

If adding links to your comments and replies sounds like a good step, take care that you don’t overdo it. Spamming your own comments is never a good idea, so you should never attempt to include a link in absolutely every reply you leave your readers.

Try not to make your replies and comments look as though they are motive driven. Your main goal is to help people, so take care to answer their questions first with natural comments that add value to your conversation and your relationship, and be subtle with your links.

Re-Visit Your Comments

Why not go and revisit your blog or social media pages to see where you could have added in a useful link. I bet you will find quite a few missed opportunities. If it’s not too late, go back to your followers comments and re-engage with a few people where a link would be very helpful. See what happens!

The next time you are replying to comments on your blog or social media sites, remember to add a link if it will help…..especially if it could earn you a little revenue.