When you think about Scotland, some stereotypes spring to mind: haggis, kilts, “FREEDOM” and IRN BRU.

The latter, for those of you who don’t know, is a carbonated drink, often known as “Scotland’s other National drink” and is a colour like no other. It’s bright, very bright.

I’ve tasted it a few times, and never really thought much of it – it tastes a bit like ginger, and I’m not a huge fan of that. It’s also not a drink I ever think “ooo yes a bit of Bru to quench my thirst”, Coke or water will do me just fine. So I don’t know why recently, when I’ve been seeing it in shops I’ve stopped and thought it as an option. All I can think is that it’s down to their latest adverts.

You may remember some of the controversial adverts they’ve had in the past (the mother playing the piano) but their recent ones really do make me chuckle, and I can only reason that this is why I’ve started noticing the product more and it becoming an option to me. I’ve included one of the least naughty ones today, which I’m sure we can all associate with. The fear of 1) having to use the toilet on the train and 2) that the door wont shut and will open by itself!

If it ever does happen, let’s learn from this guy…