Bubble…what? Don’t worry, I have not lost my mind, yet!

I first noticed Bubblews back in 2012 when it made it’s first appearance on the social network scene. At first I thought this site would be quite promising, and having two enterprising American guys at the helm who secured capital and angel funding to get their project kick-started was also impressive.

The original idea was that contributors got a slice of the advertising revenue generated through the site, which would encourage people to write posts, like, share and comment on other posts, and at the end of the day see some reward for their contributions. This does sound like a more appealing proposition than writing endless posts for Facebook for absolutely no return for your efforts.

Profit sharing from advertising is not an entirely new concept. In fact Squidoo had been very successfully running their micro-blogging site with individual lenses for a few years. From a blogging or article writing point of view, being financially rewarded for your posts is tempting, but we are not here to look at this site from this angle.

Revenue payments aside, we should be looking at this site from a marketing point of view. After all, within just two short years this site now claims to serve more than 20 million visitors per month across 240 countries worldwide.

OK the site went through a rocky patch where for a while they really were not coping well with the volumes of users taking advantage of the site, and the management were quite unresponsive to customer queries, and revenue payments were delayed or missed. There were too many conflicting reports circulating about the legitimacy of the company, and on visiting the site you were met by a lot of spam posts, and there seemed to be very little regulation – things were not looking good for a while.

This is the danger when you have a site where the articles are written primarily to make money instead of to give the reader good information to engage them. We have seen good examples of why these sorts of sites have stopped working. A lot of online writing sites have been crippled by Google algorithm updates, even ones that were highly respectable and quite ethical, such as Squidoo, Articles Base, Xomba, and many other sites too numerous to mention here.

With Bubblews, their owners have recognised this, and their infrastructure has been under a drastic reconstruction this year. More staff have been hired, the revenue cash-out rate has been raised, and this will discourage poor quality writers from flooding the site with poor content in the hope of making a quick buck. Affiliate links have been banned, and putting too many outgoing links into your posts will be considered as spam, leading to your account being blocked.

The one single reason that has made this site interesting to me once again is that a ‘how-to’ guide has been written very recently by a well respected writer of money making guides. If this guy is writing a guide about this site, then it is worth taking notice of.

For genuine writers who want to post quality content, engage their readers, and build their expertise online, this could prove to be a great site to post on. Writing on here doesn’t take up a lot of your time, in fact the minimum requirement for a single post is just 400 characters. Notice I said 400 character – not 400 words! Obviously, you can write much more if you desire, but for those who struggle with their writing, this can be a much easier option for you.

Going back to the site statistics for a moment, consistent users are chalking up some impressive numbers here. For example, in one year a lady submitted 2,388 posts and managed to gain 8803 followers. This same lady managed to achieve on just one of her posts 609 comments, 3500 post views, and 1009 likes! There are plenty of examples of other writers achieving the same, or even more.

Remember that posts don’t have to be epic here, and just 400 characters minimum per post is easily achievable. You are limited to a maximum of 10 posts per day, and anything over this will go into your draft section that you can post the next day. It is certainly easier to make a post on here than on HubPages for example.

Overall, this is a friendly site with a positive atmosphere, and a genuine writing community spirit about the site that is appealing. You can also write on a variety of topics, so if you are creative with your posts, you could garner a good following on here.