Right off the bat, social media might not have a direct correlation with SEO ranking but definitely its indirect impact on the same cannot be ignored. In today’s world, social media industry commands the growth and fall of companies and organisations. This is to mean that if used well, it can boost your SEO ranking on.  If you want to track your ranking kindly visit serpbook.com for more information. To leverage social media to boost your SEO, use the following methods.

Identify your audience

As an unwritten rule, knowing and understanding your audience is of key importance in the sense that you are able to cater for what they truly need, not what you assume they need. The right audience ensures that you hit the target for your market.

Growing your number of followers

This is a long, treacherous journey for anyone. It is a slow process built on consistency. Growing your numbers also influences your rankings. Google is able to detect the worth of your followers, buying followers, therefore, might do you no good. Companies that have more followers are highly ranked on Google. To do this, post useful content, discussion, encourage queries, offer helpful tips and engage your users directly as a way of follow up. These direct engagements with your customers contribute to building and retaining a huge following which is also interactive. This also encourages your users to encourage more others to follow you.

Increase your brand awareness

In order to have an increased online presence, you also need to bolster your online reputation. Through a syndication of high quality content and increased customer engagement leads to more Google searches about you. It all begins with branding yourself to increase visibility by providing your audience or customers with quality experience that shows your authority in your industry. If your give your customers an outstanding experience the higher your ranking gets.

Locally optimized posts

This is the easiest way to engage yourself in the local community. To excel in it, simply attend events or organize some of your own. Share the media, photos and videos, across a variety of social media. Encourage your users to comment and like. The reason why this is encouraged is that you create a relationship with the local community increasing your visibility in local search engines.

Social sharing

In this, you encourage your followers to share your posts on various sites as much as possible. This contributes to strengthening the brand’s authority much like the external links work. To appeal for your followers to share your work, offer them specific rewards in return, conduct interactive surveys that encourage people to participate and ask them also what kind of content they prefer. More shares attract new followers, increasing the number of social sharing.

Optimizing Your Posts for Searches

This method often opens additional means for search as it relies heavily upon pre-existing work or content. Your content, therefore, has to be descriptive, accurate and with a catchy title. When you post your articles you frame the foundation with texts that are optimized for specific types of searches. Google in a way favours social media content in the top parts of its SERPS. You have to optimize your posts for this opportunity.

Encouraging external inbound links

In order to reap highly from this, your content should be crisp and authoritative so as to attract links. Social media enables more external websites to easily link to your articles or content. If you have various external links you’ll gain more authority in Google’s eyes. To deeply understand the concept, this is a case where social media simply acts as a broadcast tool.  With the right and original content, it acts as bait while your social channels serve as what we may refer to as fishing poles, placing the bait in front of the relevant eyes.

Select the right social networks to target

To optimize your online presence efforts, it is ill advised to join all social networks as you cannot manage to engage all of them actively to fully reap from them. You must be able to understand the subtle variations between all the social networks.  Choose what suits you according to its uniqueness and your needs. This will ensure that you get the best from each. With the necessarily social media skills, one can easily create a fortune out of social media. Be it advertising, promotions, or even making sales. The best thing is that social media in most parts of the world is free to use. Using the above tips, you can easily make something for yourself. Prioritize on quality of your content and consistency. Wherever possible, reward your followers to motivate them. Finally, profiles should be complete, providing all the necessary information as often required.