SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a basic day to day activity of website building. There are various businesses and work groups built just to dedicate and work on improving the Search Engine Optimization of particular websites. You can fail to plan or plan to fail, If there is no direction on how any websites page rank or conversion rate is to be improved then the website is destined to never reach its full potential. Hence, like multi-billion dollar businesses or every sports team out there in the world every website needs some strategy to improve its SEO. Since living in the 21st century means that the technology market is dominated by mobile phones, they have become a major factor in how SEO is calculated. Other factors which affect a websites SEO ranking are content, the speed of the page and the number of backlinks.

How to Plan to improve

Now that we know the top factors which affect SEO rankings, it is quite understandable that a strategy to gradually improve it is very much required by everyone who owns a website. There are SEO analysts and SEO consultants who are focused on the goal of improving the SEO of your website. To improve anything in the world, one of the most important aspect is to understand the system first. So it is of utmost importance that the present SEO improvement strategy needs to be first analyzed and evaluated. Only then a logical improvement strategy can be formed.

For evaluation, the present SEO strategy needs to be audited and analyzed by professionals. Search Engines have hundreds of variables which they use to calculate a websites SEO rank. Understanding and working all of them would be near to impossible. So the analysis needs to be done till all the basic questions can be answered. Questions like the number of backlinks used, the average number of keywords in an article, the conversion rate from visitors to subscribers or customers, etc.  After the analysis of the previous strategy has been done view the areas where improvement can be made.

Checklist before Starting

Also, identify the areas which have caused the strategy to fail and replace these areas. It is of utmost importance that after the previous strategy has been analyzed, the reviews, feedback, and data from the audience is analyzed. Understanding the language of your audience would allow you to serve them better. A happy user would, in turn, repay you by recommending the website to others or revisiting the website in the future. Another way to analyze your existing SEO strategy is to compare it to the websites which are similar to you. If your website has a higher authority, i.e. your website has a higher SEO ranking then it is an indication that the strategy is working.

There are many ways to improve the SEO strategy, let’s take a look at a few ways on how it can be achieved.

  1. The search engines constantly keep on updating and improving their algorithms to serve searching users faster and in a better way. Due to this the major and age-old tips of having good content, having a simple and organized website and having a speedy website still exist and work well enough. Although using too many of the old tricks to fool the latest search engines won’t work either.
  2. Modern search engines have quickly adapted to look through the content and find when keywords are purposely repeated to increase SEO ranking or spamming content with keywords, etc. The average visitor exits any website just 15 to 20 seconds after the website opens. This gives the website and its content so much less time to hold on to that user. So it is key to have an absolutely brilliant first look so that the visitor spends more time. This would cause the SEO ranking to increase significantly. Headlines are other simple things which would help.

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  1. Using keywords along with an attractive headline would also be the cause of SEO rank improvement. The content writer needs to make sure to have some exciting content, only a catchy headline with keywords would not be enough to improve the SEO rank.
  2. Search Engines are powerful enough to not only track keywords, but also popular and relatable phrases now. The inclusion of such phrases might be another small but effective way to improve the SEO rank. User experience is the key to improving SEO ranking. In fact, it is one of the most prized variables on which Search Engines operate.
  3. Surprising the user with some infographics, or animation about the concept would surely tend to pique interest and cause the visitor to wait longer.  Infographics, Polls, Quizzes, and surveys are an excellent way of data collection. This is a proven effective method to gain reviews and feedback from people.
  4. Also asking only one question each time a user visits the website would also be a great idea for data collection. Since it would not take up too much time the visitors are much likely to answer the questions and then proceed onto the website than answering a long survey.
  5. Social media is another avenue which would help with the strategy to improve SEO rankings. Proper promotion of goods/services or the brand would cause a significant rise in traffic flow, which would automatically make the SEO ranking to improve.


Like a wise man once said perfection is a mirage. We can strive to improve the SEO ranking strategy and meanwhile, the Search Engines continue to tinker and adjust their algorithms. It is a constant battle where both parties can only have the goal of continual betterment. Above are a few ways on how to improve SEO analyses, evaluate and improve the SEO strategies for the New Year.