B2B lead generation is an ideal tool for building a base for a sales funnel. Most often, business-to-business sales are multi-stage, decisions are made by a group of people for a long time. “Warming up the lead” in this case is mandatory, no one will conclude large deals through the form on the landing page.

A lead is a user or company from your target audience that has shown interest in your offer (offer) and the contact that you managed to get. But not yet a ready client, it is worth noting. From this it follows that lead generation in B2B is the creation of a base of consumers interested in the offer and suitable for a certain segment of the target audience through various advertising campaigns.

The main goal of B2B lead generation (just like any other) is to get as many leads as possible. This approach significantly increases the acquisition budget and also allows for experimental campaigns. Lead generation includes many tools and advertising channels that you can use to be successful.

Improvement Opportunities for B2B Marketers

Evolving and optimizing allows B2B marketers to expand the reach of their advertising campaigns, no matter what customer acquisition channels they use. Among the methods:

  • Conducting split tests;
  • personalization;
  • Working with customers on their way to making a purchase.

In B2B marketing, optimization involves doing the following:

  • improving landings (single-page sites);
  • unique trade offer on the main page;
  • testing the method of social approval.

Each of the above methods can improve your lead conversion rate.

Lead generation in B2B: effective ways and methods

There are a huge number of methods of lead generation in B2B, which can be grouped into three categories:

Communication with target audience

These methods include:

  • Telemarketing – calls to potential customers;
  • Individual meetings;
  • Event marketing – organizing and holding special events that allow you to collect contacts of potential customers.

Event marketing includes such events: seminars, conferences, presentations, exhibitions. The format that is most appropriate and convenient for you and your audience is selected and used. Such leads are almost the highest quality ones, since already at the stage of registration for the event, an unnecessary audience is screened out.


Most often used in digital marketing agencies. When using it, the emphasis is on creating high-quality content that allows you to get contacts of potential customers. Clients are attracted through:

  • corporate website of the company;
  • landing pages (landing page) – you can create several landing pages and organize lead generation for a specific product/service;
  • targeted media advertising;
  • providing unique, interesting and exclusive information in exchange for personal contacts;
  • social networks, forums and blogs – you need to decide which tools to use to look for potential customers.

Direct marketing

It gives maximum personalization and interactive interaction with potential customers. This method includes: email marketing and SMS mailings.

B2B lead generation agency 

Lead generation is carried out by special companies – advertising agencies. Their main goal is to generate leads for the customer, the more the better. The agency can collect information about a person and transfer it to the customer, or immediately direct the flow of leads to the client’s website or landing page.

Most often, such lead generation companies for conducting b2b companies can offer the three most common payment models:

CPA model – involves cooperation with pay per action. A lead is paid only after a purchase is made, an application is made, or another action is taken on your website. Target action may be different, depending on the agreement.

CPC-model – pay per click. A user who clicks on an ad automatically becomes a lead. For every click you pay a reward.

CPL model – pay per lead. Payment is made for each person who left their contact details, for example, filling out a questionnaire.

The online lead generation methods suggested above are suitable for almost any business, with the exception of the sale of low-cost products with low margins that are in irregular demand. Since the cost of a lead can be unprofitable, not payable. Choose and test different channels, use modern technologies, work only with reliable contractors – and the flow of your leads will constantly increase.