Every online marketer around the world acknowledges the importance of ranking higher on the major search engines. It goes without saying that brands, regardless of their niche, completely depend on online visibility for developing their business further. For this, they need to be discovered on the first page of the SERPs whenever someone makes a relevant search input.

When the concern is about higher exposure on the web, most marketers opt for the social media platforms to promote their business, especially on Instagram. The reason being, not only it is one of the most popular places to increase user engagement, but it also allows you to post your content in a creative way. Integrating your website’s SEO and Instagram together can boost your overall rankings.

Here are some strategies through which you can maximize your impact on Instagram and boost your SEO.

# Make Your Brand Profile Eye Catching

Needless to say, just like other social media platforms, it is necessary to make the most out of your Instagram profile space. You can start by adding your profile picture that includes the logo of your brand in a high-resolution format. Next, the space left where Instagram allows you to place a single link should be the link to your website in order to ensure that followers are directed to your website in case they want further information about your business. Online users nowadays are more likely to encounter your business through social media channels. You can also increase or buy Instagram followers by engaging with online influencers who will optimize your Instagram profile.

# Optimise the Hashtags Properly

Applying hashtags and inserting keywords related to your business is a simple and great technique to let the users on Instagram discover your content, as well as, helps you to boost user engagement through the images you share. When it comes to optimizing hashtags, following the basic principles are important:

  • Your hashtags must convey your brand’s objectives and the message.
  • Develop custom hashtags while running contests on Instagram for tracking the user interaction and promoting the contest.
  • Do not overuse the hashtags or else it will act as fillers and dilute the actual brand message you wanted to convey.

# Use the Content to Tell Your Story

This is where Instagram has an upper hand over other social media platforms, as it provides you with a bright opportunity to display and educate your followers about your brand and its offerings. With the help of creative and innovative visual content, you can tell your potential customers about a specific product, what benefits they will receive and so on. On top of that, sharing other images that are not directly relevant to your brand, but caters to the interest of followers is also a great option. Be flexible with your images and captions while using Instagram for boosting your SEO.


The aforementioned tactics are imperative to implement in order to ensure the success of your Instagram marketing, as well as, your website’s overall SEO campaign. These measures will help you in achieving endless organic traffic from Instagram to your website, giving you a better visibility on search engines.