Writing appealing content is a choice all writers make. First, you must commit to putting in the time and effort needed to generate excellent content and establish a thriving brand.  Alternately, you can opt to take the easy road and produce poor content—a path that will, in the end, get you nowhere.

When you put little effort in producing high-quality content, the results will be a waste of resources, time, and energy. The pathway for content marketers is well-defined. To increase leads/traffic and boost your SEO rankings, high-quality content on your website or blog in a must.   

There is a strategy to create content audiences will love. If you create original content, the search engines will take over and help bring your site to the front row and get you more exposure. Google is one search engine that does not support duplicate content and will penalize all sites that post duplicate material.

According to Bradley Shaw from seoexpertbrad.com, “Google wants to reward sites that posts high-quality original content. Therefore, not only will quality content provide a good user experience,  it will improve your site’s visibility.”

Whatever the reason is that you need a website with exceptional content, whether it is for a personal benefit or your company, it is vital that you do it right. In this article, you will learn some important tips for producing great content.   

Find Your Audience

The first rule of thumb of generating material that your audience will find worth sharing (and linking to), is your goal should always be to deliver your readers content they will love. If your topic is not so exciting to you, you still have an obligation to provide the best high-quality content.

Rather than guessing what material you need to generate for your target audience, get to know where your existing audience and future audience hangs out both offline and online and get in on the action. That could be Quora, discussion groups, forums, Twitter, or Facebook groups.    

Whether your brand offers custom email templates, computer repair, or HVAC service, there is a group of people sharing their information and thoughts about it. Members in these communities will assist you with generating fantastic content.

The solution to this audience strategy is to discover the following:

  • What they share
  • What needs they have that are unmet
  • Where they are

Focus on Generating Strong Headlines

A compelling headline stimulates the reader’s interest and invites them to your site to investigate your brand. According to Copyblogger, the following statistic is information you need to know.

  • 80 percent of people will pay attention to your headlines
  • However, only 20 percent will continue to your article to read the rest
  • That is why your focus on your headline is as vital as the post or article itself

Your headline is the original purpose of grabbing a reader’s attention to pull them in wanting to learn more about the topic you are discussing. Without a strong headline, your blog or article is often passed up for one that is appealing and offers vital information.

Think of the last time you looked at articles to read. Which ones did you go to first? Did you go to those headlines that you felt offered you the vital information you could learn from first? Alternatively, did you jump to the ones that you found to be bland?

Use your own thoughts when generating content. Is the headline one that would pull you in wanting more? If not, rethink and redo it until you come up with one that will peak your interest.   

Make Your Content Actionable

Reflect to the last item you posted. Did it offer readers suggestions of how to apply the knowledge at once? The most effective material offers the audience a viewpoint of ways to utilize the information.  

It does not degrade the users if you advise them on how to do something. Instead, it shows that you respect their desire to educate themselves on what it is they want to learn by going to your site. As you write your article, provide the users with tips on how to apply the knowledge you are contributing to them.   

There are many times just by creating a great topic will trigger ideas for your readers. Why is it that nonfiction is so popular? It is because people want to learn and possibly improve. Give your readers the information necessary to do the same.

Provide Valuable Answers to Your Audience

What is the main reason for a search engine? If you answered with “to provide searchers with high-quality information,” you would be correct. The pro at this is Google. If you type in a query in search, you will then see thousands of videos, pictures, and links.

When people utilize a search engine, they want answers, and it is the search engines job to deliver that answer. The same goes for people that are watching a video, viewing an infographic, or reading a post –they are searching for a solution that they can gain knowledge from its content.

Remember that searchers do not only want answers, but they also want those answers in a fast manner. Therefore, it is vital that you make your material easy to scan so that they can grab the essential tips quickly.  

Be Accurate in Your Sourcing and Reporting of Information

Here is the most important tip anyone can offer. Think of how devastating it would be if someone took your advice from your content and it was wrong. Now, picture the level of damage that would cause to your business and you and your company’s reputation.  

If there are any discrepancies with your website or blog, it will have a significant impact on your brand. It is vital that any stats you post be verifiable. Numerous articles on blogs will have the link placed straight to its resources.     

Being accurate establishes trust with your audience. Do you remember the popular author, James Frey, and when he had to go back on the Oprah Winfrey and admit he had lied about all the details of his book, A Million Little Pieces?

Even though he has written more books since then, his fall from grace indeed has damaged his career immensely. Writing engaging and high-quality content is no easy task. However, it gets to be an easy and gratifying ordeal when your topic is a passionate one to you.

Even if you are writing about a subject that you are not overly thrilled about writing, the drive to be on the front page of Google is enough to get you pumped up.  

The fantastic thing about writing great content is that your work is timeless. You can generate something today and years down the road; it will still get numerous shares and views, which continues to direct traffic back to your site.   

Hopefully, these tips will help you get off the ground and continue to produce quality content that people will enjoy.