When it comes to research, statistics play a vital role as they help expedite the decision-making process. Statistics are not some random numbers but are facts that provide you with quantitative evidence. 

Let’ say, you want to know which is better; traditional advertising or internet advertising. Here, statistics can help you make a quicker business decision, leading to faster implementation and enhanced results. 

Statistics can also help you understand what the current market trend is and how profitable a particular venture is, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Thus, if you are looking for the latest statistics about the internet, then the below infographic is just what you need.

Comprising of 100+ statistics and facts about the Internet, this comprehensive infographic provides you with an overview of interesting stats about the web, social media, web search, digital advertising, blogging, eCommerce and more. These statistics will help you understand customer/user behaviours and will help you make strategic changes to your marketing campaign, which will help boost revenue. Apart from helping you make changes to your existing campaigns, these facts can also help you to formulate new ideas and campaigns that will help you to attain your business goals.

In the online marketplace, competition in various niche markets is quite fierce. If you want to stay ahead of the competition in the long run, then being up-to-date about the latest trends is important as it will help you to avoid common pitfalls and ensure that your time, money and efforts are not wasted. More importantly, by being well-informed about the current trends in the market, you can make smarter decisions which can help you to take your business to the next level.
Thus, take a look at this infographic to know about the latest Internet statistics, and for reference purposes, you can also download it for free and keep it handy.