Making money is among the most important things for many people and is the reason most of us adults work nearly 40 hours a week on average. However, working a standard job isn’t the only way to make money anymore. Many people have leveraged social media and have been able to use it to make substantial amounts of money. 

While there are many different social media platforms that can help users and influencers make money, one of the most popular is Instagram. It has over 1 billion users, and has been the hub for social media influencers for years.

However, if making money on Instagram was easy, everyone would be doing it. While it isn’t easy, it can certainly be done if you know what to do. Without any further ado, this article is going to go over some tips when it comes to making money on Instagram.

Build Up Your Audience and Engagement

The first step to eventually making money on Instagram is to build up your audience. Without an audience and people looking forward to and enjoying your content, you will have no one to sell products to and no brands will want to work with you. Building an audience involves posting relevant content that people want to see and provides them with value.

In addition to building up your audience and getting lots of followers, you also need to engage your audience. Without knowing how to boost your Instagram engagement, you will struggle to make any sort of real money. This means you need to listen to comments, include calls to action, respond to questions and generally find ways to build up your relationship with your audience.

Choose Your Monetization Method

Once you have a dedicated and sizable audience who enjoy your content, you are finally ready to monetize. However, monetizing can come in several different forms. There are countless different monetization methods you can choose for your page. You can sell a product directly, drive your audience to your website, do sponsored posts, work with brands and even post affiliate links.

Each has their own pros and cons, and the type of content you post can often have an impact on how lucrative they can be. Also, there are no rules stating that you need to choose just one. Feel free to work with numerous different monetization methods, as long as they are a good fit for your brand and make sense.

Make Posts Strategically

The actual monetization posts you make are also very important when it comes to making money on Instagram. The photo or video used is important, as well as things like the caption, the hashtags used and the time of day that you post. If you simply toss up a picture with little thought into the content or caption, your earning potential will often be limited.

Also, be sure to post regularly. You want your audience to know when and how often to expect content from you. If you post sporadically and without any rhyme or reason, it will only hurt your ability to make money easily. If you go from posting once a day, to once a month, you will lose a ton of followers and the ones you keep will likely become much less engaged with your content.

In conclusion, we hope this article and the tips inside of it have been able to help you learn how to make money on Instagram. While it can take some time and work to build up and engage your audience, the results can be well worth the wait.