Christmas is looming ever closer and this could be the time to refine and develop ideas to maximise the opportunity for sales. It might be too late to design catalogues of gift ideas, if you haven’t already done so, but you can still promote in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Use metrics from what worked well for you last year to create a tailored approach when using email . Personalisation appeals as it shows that you’ve thought about past purchases, or expressions of interest. Metrics will also help you to avoid any activity which does not work for you and will also keep costs down to a minimum.

Ideas should be seasonal, so whilst trying to connect with your customers, use a setting in which your customer is using your product. Keep away from twee or contrived, but it must have visual impact. Here are some further ideas and tips:

  • Use eye-catching custom designs for cards, banners, landing pages, email newsletters and marketing campaigns, , Instagram and and other you utilise. You can also get your customers talking about how they’ve used your product or service, as part of your promotional activity. Do ensure that you check that your design can work on any device.
  • You could offer a small prize per day in a “12 days to Christmas” competition for a recommendation, email address, or retweet. It engenders fun and that’s what people really want at this time of year.
  • Offer a festive survey to help define further activity for your and ensure the prize is good enough to make your customers want to respond.
  • Timed vouchers also work and can be combined with a January sales offering; making customers feel that they have a double-discount.
  • Sending an e-card is thoughtful, but separate the card from sales activity, as it should be seen as a festive gesture to engender loyalty.
  • Invite customers into your business if you can, and offer entry into a prize draw for coming along. This could be the opportunity to have guided visits, explaining how you’ve made improvements during the year.
  • For those delivering items, ensure your delivery experience matches your efforts to promote sales and offer and click and collect and free returns if possible.
  • Take time out to network, lunch, and go to events. These are usually more relaxed as people are there to have festive fun, but don’t under-estimate the value of connections made whilst at a drinks reception, a party, a charity fund-raising event, or at a traditional games or quiz night.

It’s not too late to carry out some of this activity now, but ensure you plan for all of the major holidays, and review the experience to help you better your promotional activity.