How do you create content for your customers? If you’re smart, you’re putting your social media platforms to work, diving into the comments and the details in order to brainstorm topics and address concerns that are part of the conversation for your customers.

In fact, that’s a good example of using customer conversations to be a better company for your customers. But listening to those social media platforms isn’t enough. You have to listen to other competitors, as well as other sites that may be tangentially associated with your industry, service, or product. And while you have to learn industry hashtags, you also have to learn hashtags that aren’t insider lingo. And you also have to add to that conversation the people that lead the discussions about your industry—those influencers.

So what does a more robust conversation about your company and your future business possibilities, that allows you to listen to your customers, look like? This graphic explains it.

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Your audience is telling you what content they want. Are you listening?

Via Salesforce