Twitter is a social media channel that is also being used by a lot of e-commerce businesses as a marketing platform. Twitter has proven to be an effective platform to help increase e-commerce sales.

But not every business is doing it right. A guide to Twitter marketing is definitely needed and this is exactly just that. The following are some of the most effective tactics that you should implement for your Twitter marketing:

1 Engage with your Followers

What makes social media platforms great for marketing is the ability to reach out to a lot of users that you can connect to. These followers become your audience, and it is them who you will engage with. One of the best Twitter marketing strategies that will work for them is to reach out to them directly. It’s always a good idea to communicate with them. Answer their queries and react to their tweets.

If your followers are engaged with you, they are more likely to buy from you. So keep engaging them.

2 Make use of Hashtags

According to this twitter marketing guide from Shopify – a hashtag is the most powerful way to discover and reach different communities and brands in Twitter.

Hashtags are still big these days and you should continue to do it for your Twitter marketing. Come up with catchy hashtags that can be used by your followers too. A great idea is to come up with Twitter parties – a highly interactive activity that makes use of hashtags to connect with each other. Not only will this help your brand make some noise, but this would really engage your followers. Doing so will improve not only your brand recognition but potentially your sales as well.

3 Improve your Twitter Bio

Your bio also has a role to play for your Twitter marketing campaign. You can optimise your Twitter Bio so that you can better generate leads through it.

The thing about the Twitter bio is that this is what people would see first when they visit your profile. Your Twitter bio has space for 160 characters that you should make the most out of. Some of the best ways you can make use of the bio are linking your site, featured content, of the newsletter; directing your customers to a landing page through a call to action; or stating your main hashtag. Make this small space do you wonders.

4 Engage with Influencers

Social media channels are also great because of the presence of influencers or accounts with a lot of followers. Influencers range from celebrities, bloggers, politicians, or random personalities that rose to fame.

Influencers are great because of how effective they can reach out to their followers. And if you make these influencers part of your Twitter marketing campaign, you would be able to tap their followers as potential customers. It’s just like having celebrities do advertising through traditional marketing channels.

But there is a need to choose the influencer you’re going to work with. Find an influencer who is the best fit for your brand and one who has a reputation that will do good for your business. It’s just like finding a face for your products, or for your whole brand.

5 Manage customer support

One of the functions that Twitter is being used for is for customer support. Customers use Twitter to get in touch with companies. You should also be open to doing the same for your business. You should not ignore queries from your customers.

Always remember that there is a good way to answer queries. Aim to do so at all times. The return for this is your customers will find that your e-commerce business has a commendable support service that can help make them loyal to you. It’s always best to go for a company that provides a great support service compared to those who do not.

6 Create eye-catching content

Content is undeniably a requirement for modern-day marketing. Twitter is a great platform for content so you should make use of it to your advantage. You may promote your latest products or you can feature some of your best-sellers in Twitter so that a lot more would buy it. You can also launch announcements here such as teasers to an upcoming promotional event.

Content doesn’t only mean texts. Graphical content such as images and clips also have a place in Twitter so you should also make use of these as necessary. You can share photos of your products in action, and you can also share some demo videos for some of your items for sale.

The possibility is endless. No matter what kind of content you’re planning, Twitter will be a great platform for it. Just make sure you make it attention grabbing for maximum results.

7 Learn from your competitors

One of the tactics that not everyone is doing on Twitter is keeping track of competitors. It’s always advisable to be aware of the competition no matter where the fight is. Here are some tips for spying on your online competitors:

  • Check your competitors profile and analyze their strategies. Check those with high engagement, and try to come up with a similar strategy.
  • Also, check those with low engagement and avoid doing the same unless you have a concrete way to bring about good results.
  • Also, check how often they post and if this frequency and schedule work. Check if this would also work for you.

At the end of the day, it’s all about learning what your competitors do so that you can learn from them – simulating what’s doing well, and avoiding what’s not. It always pays to be in the know of what’s happening out there so you can act accordingly.


Twitter marketing really has the potential to help improve your e-commerce sales. But it all depends on how well you do your Twitter marketing. The tips above are some of the proven strategies that you should make sure you practice when you tap Twitter for your marketing purposes. Do them and you are seven steps closer to sky-rocketing sales for your e-commerce business.