Writing a CV for each job you apply for can be exhausting and can demotivate you in your job-hunting process. 

Searching for a position that suits your skills, wants and career goals, then carefully reading through the specification and job description to help create your cover letter and CV takes a lot of time and energy. When you are tired and demotivated, things can slip through the cracks, which means you could submit job applications with mistakes and not even be aware of it. 

This is where CV writing services come in; with expert help, your job search will become much easier and less stressful. The interview invites will fall into your lap, but how exactly?




When you write your own CV, you can end up being modest and humble about your skills and experiences, and therefore are undervaluing your employability in the process. When you hire someone else to write your CV, they will have an objective perspective on you and your experience. This puts them in a better position to highlight your strengths and show off why you are the perfect fit for a position. 


Expert CV Writers


Writing is a skill that everyone needs, but some people are naturally better at it than others. If your expertise lies in numbers and analytics, you can benefit from the assistance of a CV expert writer. When you invest in a CV writing service from PurpleCV, you get peace of mind knowing that a professional is on the case. Pay for a CV, and a professional writer will ensure that your CV is precise and to the point; they will show off your relevancy to the position and frame your skills and experiences in the best light possible. 

Concise and clear writing styles are imperative for CVs; recruiters simply don’t have the time to read long, unclear essays about your skills and experience. 


Experience Relevancy 


When applying for many jobs, most people make the mistake of including every bit of experience they have ever had, in the hopes that at least some of it will hit the mark. This isn’t the best approach, however. Recruiters are looking for specific experiences and skills.

Expert CV writers know how to analyse a job description or job field to find what experience and skills a recruiter is looking for. When they write your CV, they will only include your relevant experiences and skills which appeal to the recruiter. This boosts your application and matches you to exactly the kind of candidate an employer is looking for. 

One of the most common interview questions is, ‘What would your previous boss/co-workers/friends say about you?’, and there is a good reason for this. Objectivity and second opinions are integral to presenting a full and accurate picture. 

When you write your own CV, you see your experiences and skills from your own point of view, not an outside perspective. Many people have the tendency to play down their strengths, but a professional CV writer will accentuate them.