Business blogs can be an invaluable source of sound advice given from the perspective of a fellow business person. Quite often these blogs are coming from an angle of giving opinions and experiences of mistakes made and lessons learned. Sometimes they can be offering an insight into how they do things and their best practices, and these can help guide a fledgling business just starting out in the same industry.

The visibility of business blogs are growing in the UK, and finding a good blog that can offer expert points of view is too valuable an opportunity to pass up. We have put together a list of a few good quality business blogs that we thought you might be interested in reading. Even if some of these blogs are not exactly within your business niche or sector, there can be lots of useful information to uncover that could be of value to your own business.

This is a blog by written by Felix Wetzel, group marketing director for Jobsite. Felix likes to share his personal views via his blog and talks on a number of different business topics. Mostly his writing topics are drawn from his own experiences and this is what makes this blog so interesting and also so diverse. Some business blogs specialise in just one or two related areas, but this blog covers a whole range of topics that could be relevant to a small business owner who has to look at every aspect of their business. Felix has been blogging on his site since March 2010.

The ‘What Goes Around Limited’ blog

I love the URL of this blog ( and think it perfectly reflects the personality that Doug Shaw injects into his posts here. This is a very engaging easy to read blog where Doug shares his life as the owner of What Goes Around Ltd. He also shares his encounters with other businesses at network meetings and business events. I love his honesty here – he is not afraid to share his feelings of confusion and frustration over things, and his writing can often make you smile one minute and nod in agreement the next. Doug has been blogging consistently since December 2008.

The Small Business blog

This is not a personal blog like our first two choices listed above. This blog is aimed specifically at SMEs and offers posts written by a variety of industry experts across all aspects of the business world from tips about coping with long-haul business flights to marketing, business accounting, and web technology. Think of anything business-related and you will probably find a post about it here! The small business blog has been going since 2006.

Birds on the Blog

A nice site for supporting business women out there. The Birds on the Blog is pitched more like a glossy magazine for business women rather than a straight forward blog. Visually appealing, this blog mixes a lot of useful posts to help your small business grow and thrive but also includes some feel-good life posts to remind you that life is not all about work. There are good resources to learn about marketing techniques and tips for finding that perfect work/life balance. This blog originally started back in 2008 and has evolved well over the years.

The ‘’ business blog

If you like to keep up to date with the latest business news as it breaks, then the Guardian’s business blog gives you the very latest updates – in fact, the blog is updated regularly throughout the day with fresh feeds coming in from the Guardian’s regular business reporters and columnists. Great for blow-by-blow news about the economy, banking, and the business sectors during these times of ever changing political policies and the effects on trade and industry.

Lobster Blog

OK – we know this is a bit of shameless self-promotion, but our own Lobster business blog contains some very useful information for small business owners, sole traders, and entrepreneurs who are either just starting out, or want to learn more.

We hope you can take some time to browse a few of our favourite business blogs and can find some very useful information that could help you and your business along the way. Why not grab a coffee and take a look!