After the start of the pandemic, most people in the world began to think about how to permanently transfer their work to a remote mode. Now almost all office workers dream of doing their tasks from home or while traveling. Of course, it is much more convenient and economical than the usual mode, because this way you do not have to spend time and money on the road.

Today we will talk about what strategies you should follow if you decide to go freelancing.

Make sure you have savings

When you first start out as a freelancer, you’ll most likely build a portfolio at first and won’t get paid much for it. As a result, you need a financial cushion with which to cover daily expenses for the first time.

Ideally, you should have a budget reserve for six months or at least three months, so that force majeure does not lead you to negative consequences. In social networks, now you can often see stories of people who say that in a month they began to earn huge amounts of money without much difficulty, but as a rule they only increase the hype around them with this. They don’t even have to buy YouTube views for everyone to watch their motivational videos and share them with friends. A person who has just begun to develop in some area cannot immediately start earning millions of dollars.

Be honest and conscientious

As a rule, those who work in the office are afraid of being fired or reprimanded by a strict boss, which makes them work hard and take their tasks seriously. However, when they start freelancing, they relax because they don’t have to worry about being fired and constantly change projects and companies.

This is the kind of mistake that should never be made. If you work honestly, then your salary will be much higher and the attitude of customers towards you will be better. With a high-quality performance of your duties, you can quickly climb the career ladder and get a high position.

We repeat that you do not need to listen to those who, lying on the couch, earn millions and talk about the fact that nothing needs to be done for a big salary. Their hype goes away quickly, and they won’t always be selling their online success courses to thousands of people without having to buy real YouTube views.

Don’t work around the clock

Working in an office has one big advantage — you are in the office for a certain number of hours, after which you go home and no longer have to think about your tasks. When a person does not have a clear schedule, his working day can stretch for 10, 12, 14 hours.This is very detrimental to human productivity and health. Try to allocate a certain amount of time for work during the day and do not overload. Otherwise, you will burn out very quickly. Recovering from this condition is very difficult and sometimes takes several months or even years.