Instagram demonstrates tremendous growth opportunities for people, celebrities, businesses, influencers, models, and so on. The huge Instagram community makes the platform more valuable to attract customers and increase the fan following. However, a lot of people do not know how to leverage Instagram to its full potential. 

Grow Your Follower Count 

An account on Instagram becomes an effective marketing channel when you possess a large number of followers. Most people delve into this social media application without knowing the strategies to build a strong fan following. However, growing your follower count is not as complicated as it seems. One essential tactic to boost followers from hundreds to thousands in weeks is to partner with other Instagram account. 

To start with, create a list of the popular Instagram accounts that can help you reach your target audience. You can propose them partnerships that will offer mutual benefits to both parties. Shout-outs are one example of how you can get to your potential audience through the partnered account. Shout-outs can occur as paid or unpaid, and depending on the capital you have and the account you are pairing up with, you can choose either of the ones. 

Unpaid Shout-Outs

Typically these shoutouts are share-for-share shout-outs. In other words, you both share each other’s content to encourage followers to follow and like the posts from the accounts. They will get access to the audience they seek, and vice versa. To execute this strategy, you need to aim at a profile similar to yours. The owners of like-minded accounts are more approachable to a share-for-share partnership since both will mutually benefit. 

Paid Shout-Outs

Contrary to unpaid shout-outs, you can pay for shout-outs if you want to reach accounts with a bigger pool of followers. Paid shout-outs are better if you’re going to broaden your reach extensively. Paid shout-outs can gain you thousands of followers in less time. Focus on accounts with a healthy level of engagement with their followers and an enormous number of followers. If you spend hundred dollars on this strategy and gain close to thousand followers in two weeks, the money you spend is an investment in customer acquisition cost. However, not all businesses may have the budget for social media marketing. In that case, you can try this strategy with a small budget if it is worth it for your business. 

Whether you choose a paid or unpaid method, make sure you request for a call-to-action in their shout-outs. Asking to follow the Instagram account stating their unique selling preposition can positively affect the viewers. Steadily, when you grow your followers, you can begin to drive them to your website and engage them with your brand. Also, you can subscribe these followers to your email list and other marketing strategies in due time.

Convert Your Followers into Subscribers

Email marketing can help thrive a business. Instagram can act as an essential driver for email subscribers, converting the followers into subscribers every month. However, the exact conversion ratio depends on your promotional activities and how actively you promote on Instagram. 

If you want to get more emails and other data from Instagram, you can use Social Scrapes. This would make your email marketing even easier.

An Intention-Filled Bio

Those familiar with this social media application’s limitations might wonder how to promote effectively as the application does not permit links in photo descriptions. To overcome this issue, one can make use of a well-crafted bio. 

Most account owners find it challenging to get followers to click the links in their bios. The owners mostly load their bio with a lot of junk and unwanted material that is of no interest to their customers. You have to break that pattern by writing your bio similar to how you write a Tweet. Ensure your bio is short, useful, and full of intention. One tactic you can use here is to insert a specific call-to-action that includes a memorable URL, taking the user to your website. 

The next page that follows is your website that you need to fill with value. Make sure you optimize your website correctly for a better user experience. Direct your viewers to your bio through the photo captions, whereas the bio will lead them to your ultimate web page.

Create Compelling Content 

Create easily digestible content that can resonate with your audience. Such content will drive the viewers to share and interact with the brand, eventually exploding your growth. Your viewers are most likely to notice your posts if it contains a high number of likes and comments. For this, you can choose to visit various siteswhich will help you gain likes in no time. 

One can boil an excellent Instagram post to two vital elements: engaging text and beautiful and creative imagery. 

  • Select images that start a story and elicit emotions. Driving engagement through the photos is of utmost importance and also works. Posting the pictures of products and services is fine, but continuous focus on offerings will guide the viewers away. Also, avoid posting about yourself every time.  
  • Another aspect of beautiful imagery is to stay apt about the copyright issues and not to violate any rules. If you want to post somebody else’s content, make sure you ask for permission. Moreover, you can source non-attribution required pictures. Make use of royalty-free stock pictures to spread your word. 
  • Along with the image, one needs to add compelling text to the post. It packs a punch that a picture would not offer. The great thing about text is that you can experiments a lot with this aspect. You can ask a question or insert a motivational quote. A highly arousing emotion makes viewers share more than things that do not emit any sense of feeling. 
  • To develop a stunning visual using text, one does not need a designer. You can use several third-party applications and experiment to create images with texts. Attractive text pushes viewers and followers to share your content on their accounts, thus increasing your reach. 

Instagram has an impressive reach. However, people still overlook the potential of this platform. By following the above pointers, one can build an Instagram presence effectively. You can nail these aspects by ensuring continuous engagement with your followers.