Instagram has changed the way brands and consumers are interacting today! The majority of customers expect brands to speak visually, which has brought in a brand new challenge for organizations to opt-in for advanced online marketing practices. It creates an exciting platform for brands to connect and seamlessly extend to their target consumers. 

Your brand needs to stay active on Instagram. Today, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users every month, and it provides ample marketing scopes with consumers that belong to various parts of the world. Are you thinking of ways to improve your Instagram marketing tactics? One of the best ways is to increase your likes. To know more about this, you can check out various sites. Some of the best Instagram marketing guidelines for expanding your business include: –

1. Make the most of free Instagram tools 

Like Facebook, Instagram has also come up with business profiles loaded with advanced CTA (Calls to Action) ways that allow users to call, email, and text the brand. The business profiles can opt-in for Insights and also access the impression data and engagement. Hence, users willing to use Instagram for business can switch their personal account to business account and make the most of these tools. When you understand how online visitors engage with your content, you can enhance the engagement. 

2. Interact with followers

People like it when their responses get a reply back! Hence, if a user has commented on any one of your posts, you can send a short “Thank You” reply. This random gesture will make an online visitor your diligent follower. 

Additionally, you can incorporate smart ways to motivate your fans and followers to initiate a post conversation. You can tag three people whose views you would want to know, and it can start a conversation. It will minimize the resistance level, as it’s you who is welcoming them to start a conversation. There are chances that these people will start a conversation gladly, which will gain you more likes and visibility. 

3. Connect with your consumers creatively

Sharing images that get arranged creatively is a great way to connect with your followers. It will work better than a traditional sales approach. FedEx had made an interesting post once, with an image of a FedEx truck that stood beside a streetlamp board with the caption, “Elvis Slept Here.” Most people know that this brand ships packages. 

The post improved corporate branding and also highlighted the brand’s delivery of automobiles. It was an out-of-the-box idea, thereby increasing the curiosity and adding a fun element to it. Such posts impress the viewers and make more people like the posts and follow your Instagram profile. 

4. Do not overwhelm your customers

It would help if you stayed active on Instagram. Simultaneously, you should avoid spamming your follower’s timelines. When you have excess posts, it might overwhelm your fans and followers, and they might stop following your Instagram account out of irritation. Your posts will seem less information and more publicity gimmick. 

Till now, no brand has been able to arrive at the perfect Instagram postcode. One of the best ways to decide what is apt for your brand is through trial and error. However, as a norm, you should regularly share two to three interesting and quality posts and assess how your audience responds to them. When you move ahead on your Instagram marketing path, you will find that quality Instagram posts will work for you. Once you start experimenting, it will help you to arrive at your desired count. Optimizing your Instagram post frequency is an ongoing task. 

5. Bring the Instagram users to a marketing funnel

For most organizations, getting an Instagram following is the real deal. It’s a small aspect of the marketing funnel. If you want to get the users to the marketing funnel, it is necessary to have the follower’s email ids. One of the best ways to access it is by asking for it. Are you think how to go about it? You can share a picture and add a CTA in your caption and visual, inviting the viewers to click on the link on bio and signing up for the newsletter, downloading an mp3 or an eBook. When your followers do so, you get the chance to communicate with them and take it to the next level. 

6. Make your images square

The images you share on Instagram should be stunning. You need to realize that Instagram started essentially as a photo-sharing social media platform. Hence, make sure that your images are of good quality. One of the best ways to have great photos is to shoot square photos. Today, most online cameras and smartphone cameras have this mode available. Also, when you edit the image, you don’t need to waste time to crop and bring it to a perfect size for Instagram. Today, there are several square images tool that you can opt-in for to get excellent quality images. 

7. Cross-promotion

Instagram marketing has reached a new level with this tactic. It also enables the users to draw in new followers and likes without much hard work. For this, you need to post on all the social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and ask your followers and friends to follow you on Instagram. It brings in enhanced brand visibility. It also helps you to get more brand recall value. 

Wrapping things up

Today, Instagram is already bringing distinctive and exciting changes in the ways marketers communicate with their consumers and other users. The new-age social media users are more updated and learned about social media and want unconventional communication forms from the brands they follow. Hence, it has become challenging and compulsory for the brands to deliver the same. You can follow the strategies mentioned above, which will help you to market your business on Instagram effectively. These strategies will not get your brand labeled as sales-y.