Digital marketing, or the use of purposeful marketing strategies via the Internet, has grown not only in use but in efficacy as well. Digital marketing encompasses social media as well as advertising through search engines like Google and Bing through campaigns that focus on tying your business to certain search terms. Additionally, it includes optimizing your website and internet presence for search engine bots, and helps people get the information they need. Altogether, digital marketing is all about creating a good product — the online presence — and marketing it well to the right audience, rather than just the general public with traditional marketing like billboard ads.

In this article, several tips to enhance your digital marketing will be discussed. Through utilizing social media, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, as well as being mobile and crowdsourcing, you can transform how people view your firm. Using these special techniques, you can take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level, reaching more people and upping those conversions!

Use Social Media

When more than 2 billion people around the world use social media in today’s age, utilizing it effectively is a way for your firm to reach new audiences and reach your existing audience in a new way. Using social media means you can transform your online presence and allow your business’ information to be more accessible to the average person.

For instance, you can create Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, update them regularly, and interact with your consumers. By doing this, you can keep your company and its offerings on the minds of consumers when they are leisurely scrolling their favorite apps — marketing that is priceless in worth. This helps to create a community around your firm’s product or service, and allows for information to be accessible. For example, companies like Duolingo have even developed a company brand and personality around their language course offerings through their Twitter account.

Furthermore, being social media smart means your firm can transform online platforms to increase brand trust. For instance, when customers have issues or concerns with products or services, they will often take to social media to air grievances. A smart firm will utilize these opportunities to follow up promptly and resolve all issues; doing so publicly illustrates  that your firm values quality customer service.

For example, by searching on Twitter for your company’s name, you can see what people have been saying — both positive and negative. By responding to people who have had a negative experience, asking them for contact information, and promptly following up, you can make sure all customers feel like you care. By responding with something along the lines of, “Thanks for using our service!” or “We appreciate your business!” to positive Tweets, you are also making customers feel like they are valued.


Crowdsourcing is an underutilized resource for companies. Much like GoFundMe uses crowdsourcing for fundraising campaigns, your company can use the same method to build relationships with your audience while furthering company goals. For example, Frito Lay used crowdsourcing to determine a new chip flavor. Crowdsourcing can make company decisions a two-way street. Like Frito Lay, you can host a competition for ideas for a new product or service for your firm to offer, and offer a grand prize to winners and runner up and a general promotion to all participants. When you enable your customers to have a say in what your firm offers, they will have more of a stake in your success. Using this kind of crowdsourcing method can then better your digital marketing strategies. You can tailor campaigns, design ads, or even reach consumers in new ways based on the information you receive. For example, if you run such a crowdsourcing campaign and get high response rates from teenagers as compared to other demographics, your firm can up its marketing to this age group, through Facebook and Twitter ads, for instance.

Use Blockchain

Blockchain has the potential to make digital marketing not only more effective but more secure as well. Due to its inherent security, it prioritizes the safety of private consumer data. Data will no longer be stored in a central institution. This anonymizes the data, precluding many of the ethical questions that have been raised about marketing in the Internet age. The impact of blockchain in the digital marketing industry has yet to be seen, but firms will soon begin adopting it due to the advantages it provides.

Be Mobile

Although having a smart and active social media presence is part of being a mobile-friendly company, being mobile — being accessible to the mobile American — means more than that. Just as important as social media, perhaps even more so, is having a mobile-friendly website. You can create a mobile-friendly website by making sure the site’s content is responsive — as in, it changes sizes and formatting based on the device a user is on. Secondly, make all information easy to find while not overwhelming the user with vasts amount of information. You want the information on your site to be effective, but not cluttered. You should also ensure that graphics don’t take too long to load on mobile, otherwise this could negatively affect bounce rate.

Additionally, your company can develop a mobile application. Mobile applications can be amazing ways for companies to interact with a loyal consumer base by offering unique promotions and tailoring marketing to mobile-specific users. For example, you firm could offer 10% off a purchase to all users who download the app, and another 10% coupon for referencing friends to the app.

Use AI

Finally, artificial intelligence can be an innovative way to enhance your digital marketing. AI can help you understand buying decisions, bounce rates, and other analytics. This can help you understand your customers and better improve their experience using your website or app. AI even has the potential to customize the user experience with your online presence. For instance, by implementing AI chat bots, you can add basic messaging features so that you can easily understand customer needs, answer simple questions without effort, and move consumers on to real workers if necessary. This can serve to satisfy user needs with both simple and complex requests and decrease the workload of your employees.

When you utilize these secret techniques of using social media, blockchain, and artificial intelligence while also crowdsourcing and promoting an effective mobile presence, your firm’s digital marketing will be permanently and obviously improved. If you want higher conversion rates, use these tips!