Can you build an SEO strategy without spending thousands of dollars? Yes, you absolutely can! A lot of search engine optimization doesn’t require you to spend a ton of money.

As long as you have the right strategy and focus, you can improve your search engine ranking, gain new leads, and make more sales. We can help you set up that strategy – here are the tips and tricks you need.

Start With Designing for Mobile

As you design your website, don’t think about the desktop screen first and then cut it down for mobile. Instead, design a website that looks amazing on a small screen and then add features that full-screen users can take advantage of.

This mobile-first design strategy is in line with Google’s mobile-first ranking system. By ensuring that your website looks great and works well on a small screen, you’ll gain ranking advantages over your competitors.

Already have a website? No problem. Visit the site on a mobile device and make a note of how it looks. Is the text readable? Are elements overlapping? Are there pop-ups that obscure anything? If you notice these problems, fix them – it will give your SEO a major boost. Safari SEO in Sydney advise that this will be a big issue with the forthcoming Google Page Experience update in May 2020. Any elements that obscure, move or obstruct UX on mobile or UX could be detrimental to your overall website performance in the Google search results.

Publish High-Quality Long Content

The next step in making your website irresistible is to have content that’s very high-quality. Google encourages producers to create in-depth content rather than general overviews.

How do you know what to write about? Find out what questions your users are asking. Perhaps customers frequently ask similar questions, or your sales team gets a lot of the same inquiries. Take advantage of this information and create content around it.

You can also use Quora or other Q&A websites to see what questions are being asked about your industry. This will give you the ability to answer relevant questions in your content – and then you can return to the website and provide your link for the asker.

Take Advantage of On-Page SEO

A lot of search engine ranking factors are outside your control, but the structure and setup of your actual website is not. This on-page SEO strategy is something you can take advantage of without much cost.

Target the right keywords – especially longer keywords or terms that include your local area. By using these keywords correctly throughout your blog posts, webpages, and site structure, you’ll give Google strong signals about the content of your site. This helps you rank more highly for those terms.

Be sure to use title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs to your advantage as well. You can also optimize menus and site structure.

Sound like a lot? This could be an area where it makes sense to work with a digital marketing provider in Toronto.

Work on Site Speed and Load Times

When it comes to ranking your website highly on search engines, having great website speed and loading times is essential. Not only will many users leave your website if it takes more than a few seconds to load, Google will penalize you as well.

How do you make your pages load faster? The two biggest elements are graphics and auto-play videos. Avoid auto-play content, and optimize your images so that they are small and fast-loading. Also, be sure to use asynchronous loading, where faster-moving content can load even if other content is still taking a bit of time.

From there, take advantage of caching so that repeat visitors don’t have to load everything multiple times. It helps those who return to your site enjoy their experience and stick around.

Create a Great User Experience

Two elements that make a big difference in your search engine rankings are click-through rates and time on page. Both of these are related to the relevance and user experience of your website.

You want to start by creating content and descriptions that make people want to click. Create intrigue, and make sure your content is something that will answer a key question or provide other benefits.

Once they’re on your site, provide engaging content. From high-quality articles to videos and other interactive options, you want to encourage visitors to spend more time on your pages. You can also use internal links to lead readers from one article to another to answer related questions.

With a great user experience, you’ll not only impress search engines. You’ll impress the people who visit your website, which means you’ll create more leads and make more sales. It’s a huge win-win.

SEO Can Help Build Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to build up your brand, get more leads, and boost your bottom line, search engine optimization is the answer you’ve been looking for. Even better, you can implement a variety of SEO strategies without having to break the bank.

If you haven’t focused on SEO, this is your year. You’ll be amazed at how much your business benefits.