Stress at work is inevitable but the problem lies in the fact that this doesn’t stay at work. It may ruin your appetite (or make you engage in comfort eating), reflect on your relationship with your family (and not in a positive way) take away your sleep and more. Now, this happening in one instance is not that bad but what happens when such events become a regular occurrence? This could, quite literally, ruin your life. It can cause your health to deteriorate, make you lose people and even make you less productive (and more likely to make mistakes) at work (which might even get you fired). So, it’s more than obvious that what you need is a reliable and effective coping mechanism. Speaking of which here are the top eight ways to relax after a bad day at work.

Playing video games

There are so many advantages to playing video games as a coping mechanism. First of all, violent video games can help you blow off steam without actually hurting anyone. Second of all, they’re fun and immersive which will make you forget about the majority of your problems. Third, they’re quite simple to pursue. You don’t have to go anywhere, spend any money (if you already have the game) and it doesn’t really matter if you’re tired or not. In other words, this method is almost as versatile as it is convenient.

Train combat sports

Training a combat sport or learning a martial art is something that will help you remain calm and walk about with a lot of confidence. As such, this is already a huge win for the home team. However, it also comes with a list of other perks. For instance, your definition of a dangerous or stressful situation might change drastically once you start finding yourself in situations that actually threaten your physical safety. Also, it can help you learn how to cope with difficult situations and how to handle yourself (stay calm) under pressure. Not to mention that sparring sessions can be a perfect way to blow off steam.

A sip of your favourite drink

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting that you solve your problems with alcohol. Still, a glass of drink after a long day at work can hardly cause a problem. Fewer than 14 drinks per week for males and 7 drinks for females is considered social drinking (responsible drinking) and what we’re suggesting here is even less than that (significantly less). One or two glasses every now and then can help you ease off the tension and become your little ritual. In order to get the most out of it, you should look for exotic drinks like slivovitz plum brandy to supply your own home bar with. 

Walk in nature

Another thing you can do is try to re-establish your contact with nature by taking a long and relaxing walk. There’s something inside of a human being that strives to return to its roots. Being confined by all that concrete, steel and glass is something that our nature as animals is constantly trying to reject. Why not try to reestablish this old bond by just trying to surround yourself with a fresh, familiar shade of green.

Get a massage

Relieving stress through physical pleasure is probably one of the first things that popped into your mind. The first thing that pops into mind here is going to a massage, which is a physical way of relieving your tense body and releasing some serotonin into your bloodstream. This is really not expensive and can be used on a regular basis. The only difficulty is that you might have to schedule these massage therapies ahead and you can never know when you’ll have a hard day at work. You can always have your SO provide this massage, which may lead to another instance of relieving tension physically. The choice is yours.

Talk to someone

Sometimes, talking just helps. Sure, you may want to leave the work at work but there are situations in which this can resemble a scenario in which you leave an open wound to fester simply because treating it causes discomfort. You don’t even really have to talk about the thing that puts you off balance. Just talking about something with a person you love and trust can make a huge difference when it comes to the way your day goes.

Make your home into a sanctuary

Designing your home so that it provides you with support on its own is a huge step in the right direction. What is your preferred way of blowing steam? Video games? Make an infotainment center in your bedroom or living room. Reading? Transform a part of your home into a reading nook. Enjoying a sip of your favorite drink? A home bar is always a fun project to engage with. This way, you will let your home work for you.

Look for professional help

Talking to a therapist can help you work out a lot of your issues. There are instances in which it’s better to be heard by someone who’s a tad more objective about your situation at work. Now, the most uncomfortable question that you should ask here is whether you should stay at the job which requires you to seek professional help on a regular basis. This, however, is a story for another time.

In conclusion

There’s one more thing that we absolutely have to discuss. Everyone can have a bad day and when this happens, the above-listed eight methods may be the right thing for you. The problem is that once these bad days become more frequent, you will find yourself in a huge problem. At this point, it’s far better to head straight to the source than try and treat symptoms. What we’re suggesting is talking to your employer/coworkers or just change your job. Sure, the latter is easier said than done but it’s definitely easier than being under that kind of stress on a regular basis. This is something you have to avoid at all costs.