Many of today’s jobs require transferring information in the form of documents, typically in such file formats as pdf files or word documents. In some cases, certain file formats are preferred or necessary, and as a result, software that can quickly and accurately convert between these formats without altering the display or content of the relevant information certainly comes in handy, especially when dealing with large quantities of files and information at any given time. Thankfully, capitalizing upon this need, many software programs exist that can convert business documents to and from different file formats.

1. eFileCabinet

One such program is eFileCabinet. Ideal for small and medium businesses, eFileCabinet includes such functions as tagging, scanning, Cloud storage, and workflow, all of which are fairly simple to use as well as sufficiently robust for just about any user. In addition to these functions, it possesses limitless storage capacity, automated Cloud backup services, and a large library of usable templates to choose from. Different application versions are available for server-side as well as hosted file management software. The latter is available along with various management tools with which administrators are able to specify a wide range of permissions to workers, such as keeping employees from deleting files and documents. Alterations to important files can be managed with the help of DMS features. eFileCabinet is compatible with PDF, Word, and other Microsoft Office software. While it does possess retention dating to let users store or remove files that have already expired, as well as a strong ORC that makes documents searchable, its many features may result in a steep learning curve for beginners.

2. M-Files

Another such program is M-Files, which contains a checkout feature which lets users keep track of all documents being worked with as well as track all changes thereto. Its functions include editing, scanning, and saving files to the database. It is compatible with different computer software as well as phone software, allowing for convenience and portability. While document access via just about any device with internet available is quite convenient, that one has to download and install the software on a computer to be able to use it can make it less convenient for online access and usage.

3. PDFelement

Another such program is PDFelement for Business, which lets users convert, create, edit, collaborate, and sign PDF files professionally and with interactive document processing. It lets businesses create a variety of PDF files through the conversion of documents of other types such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. With an extensive OCR capable of recognizing text and images in PDF files with twenty supported languages, it can convert scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs for the purpose of business. Multiple PDF files can also be combined into a single document, and individual files split into smaller more manageable ones stored separately. Password encryption also adds another layer of security.

4. Dokmee

Another such program is Dokmee, which offers a wide variety of tracking and imaging tools to save time and effort in organizing key digital files and documents. Different configurations for website and desktop are offered at varied prices.

5. PinPoint

Last but not least, PinPoint automatically files documents, can convert blueprints and is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems, and can be run from cloud data centers or servers. Installation and set-up is simple, and PinPoint saves the original document in addition to generating a PDF file visible to authorized employees and users who are able to add further input or comments to the file. The only downside is the limited hours for customer support offered by the company, which is only available via email or phone call.

For any business in the modern world, there is bound to be large amounts of information in digital form to read and sort through. Therefore the ability to do so effectively saves time and money, affording businesses and their employees a great deal of convenience and efficiency when tackling the large quantities of important information in front of them and allowing businesses to stay competitive and ahead of the curve rather than play catch-up. Whichever program you use to convert blueprints to digital, the one that works best for any particular company is up to that company and its employees to decide based on their needs and desires.

When it comes to improving your professional productivity, the latest software tools and programs can help you. While most established business organizations pay for these tools that are then used by their employees, in some cases, the employees are asked to pay on their own. Or for that matter, if you are a start-up entrepreneur, you will be required to use such software. If you are working with limited resources, a better way to gain access would to download these programs, tools and processes from