Today consumers prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, most of your online customers have a minimal attention span for your products. If you have an eCommerce business, it is time you start thinking of ways to improve your sales. These can be ways to attract and hold the attention of potential customers. You can do that by initiating the following.

1. Ensure That Your eCommerce Site Loads with Incredible Speeds

Your aim should be to make your website pages load at speeds of less than a second. If a customer visits your website, and all they see is a spinning loading wheel or an indeterminate progress bar, they will move on to the next site that gives them better loading speeds. Low page speed does not only make you lose potential customers but also prevents them from viewing what your offers are.

For instance, if you are selling the best item at the most competitive rate, due to most customers’ impatience, they will not even view it. Studies have revealed that about two-thirds of mobile phone users in the United States of America use their gadgets for internet access. From this data, you can position your company to be the most visible eCommerce site.

Currently, your customers will want to get the information they need when the need arises. For this reason, they expect a click of a mouse to give them information that they could be looking for. Therefore, as an online retailer, you have less than a second to grab an online buyer’s attention. It is this second that you need to make an impression and also a buying decision. If you fail to get them to make the purchase decision, your site should at least make them get a good impression. Failing to achieve this will mean that you make very few sales online.

2. Include an Excellent Navigation Strategy with a Search Bar

Your customers should be able to get to and from any page of your website. It is for this reason that you need to implement a very well networked navigation panel. For instance, a customer should quickly tell where a particular product is. They should also be able to find their way around your eCommerce site with the utmost ease. This way, you catch the buyer’s attention, create a good impression in them, and give them a reason to make a purchase decision.

Another tool to take advantage of is a search bar. A good search bar will help your clients or online shoppers quickly find what they are looking for without clicking back and forth. Research indicates that most people find eCommerce very difficult to navigate through. This is mainly due to the large amount of information that is compressed into a single webpage. For this reason, finding your way around a page might become a difficult task.

Therefore, it is essential to implement a search bar that reduces the need for a back and forth click. Your online customers will need to enter a keyword or a phrase into the search bar, and then they can get what they are looking for. This is most significant for clients that are new to your page and don’t know where the products are.

3. Add Some Visuals to Your Site and Implement a Convenient Checkout Method

A great image can be worth a good deal of money for you. Most people like to see photos and videos of the experience they hope to get. This makes them feel that your shop is more probably capable of fulfilling their needs. If you can use some great visuals such as images or videos of customers who have enjoyed shopping on your site, you will have an impact on your sales. Most customers tend to avoid reading the long and lengthy write-ups on your page and prefer looking and viewing. If you tap into this tendency, then you will grab the attention of your online shoppers.

To make your customers enjoy their online shopping experience, you should implement an online payment service. If you don’t know how to implement this, you can talk to a merchant services company to help you come up with the best checkout strategy.

Finally, ensure that you have created an online presence that is well felt across the industry you venture into. The above tips will then ensure that you can get and keep potential online shoppers.