Around the world, people are seeing positive environmental impacts of mass quarantine. Sealife has returned to canals in Venice and cities in India can see the Himalayan mountains for the first time in years, all thanks to quarantine. While life will eventually return to normal or a new version of normal and people will leave their houses, we have seen the positive effects of reducing our carbon footprint. The push to maintain our current eco-friendly state is stronger than ever. Now that everyone has seen what our environment could be like, more people are joining the eco-friendly movement. This new environmental awareness has also created a perfect opportunity for green businesses to reach new audiences. Whether your business is entirely focused on ecological efforts or your company has green initiatives, you can use your eco-friendly practices to your advantage. Marketing your green business requires a different approach, but by using the best marketing tips and tricks, you can grow your eco-friendly business.

Make Your Green Known

If your customers are unaware that your business is environmentally friendly, you have lost a significant marketing point. Make it clear in your ads, communications, and product descriptions that your company is committed to green practices. Detail what green measures your company takes and how those measures positively affect the environment. While promoting your green practices is an excellent first step, you can take the advantage further by explaining how your green actions affect the world your customers inhabit. 

Businesses with propane solutions should take advantage of environmental benefits of propane and make their bio-propane efforts more well known. Does your company manufacture products with eco-friendly dyes and print on recycled paper? Make sure your customers know. Your business’s positive elements will only bring you customer attention if customers are informed. 

Customer Focus, Not Self-Focus

It may sound selfish, but customers only care about what they are getting, and generally do not care about your business. If you are going to celebrate your business using solar energy, be sure to include how that benefits customers and the global environment. If you have the opportunity to decide which eco-friendly project your company wants to undertake next, ask your customers which issues they care about. Connecting your initiatives to what your customers want only makes your marketing more effective. Your marketing priority should be to appeal to your customers, not make yourself look good. If your green practices also benefit customers, you will make your company look good in the process. Focus on what your green methods can do for your customers and use that as the foundation of your marketing efforts. 

Explain How and Where You Are Helping

Don’t be shy about how and where your eco-friendly practices are helping. For example, explain that by using propane, your business is reducing carbon emissions from bus fellets, which in turn reduces the reliance on diesel and other fuels that contribute more to pollution. Do not expect customers to put the connections together themselves, and there is no harm in spelling it out in a clear, respectful way. Tie your green practices to a real-world issue that your customers can get behind. Bolster your explanations by linking to reputable studies that prove what you are doing actually helps solve a genuine problem. Green movements are also customarily connected to social and community responsibility. Connecting your environmental efforts to a local cause will improve your marketing efficiency in that area.

Market Value vs. Price

It is relatively common for eco-friendly products to cost more for customers than traditionally made products. Many customers will accept the higher price in exchange for environmental benefits if you explain the price difference. Regardless of the price of your product, advertising the value brought by eco-friendly measures will make a more significant impact on a green-conscious customer than the price. Not every customer will take the trade, but many will once they are informed of the environmental benefits. 

Customers and businesses alike are paying more attention to the environment. Companies can take advantage of their green practices and use their eco-friendly programs to bolster marketing content. Explain what your business is doing to be more green and how those efforts will benefit your customers. Focus your marketing materials on how your green efforts will help your customers, communities, and the world as a whole. Transparency will also help customers accept a higher price for eco-friendly goods. With these tips and tricks, you can successfully market your eco-friendly business.