In this fast-paced eCommerce world, it can be quite daunting – even for those enrolled in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program- to keep up with the ever-changing trends and features on the platform. And for those who lack self-discipline, trying to stand out in such a competitive environment can be terribly discouraging. 

Luckily, we took on the task of gathering 11 top FBA tips to help you improve your productivity on Amazon.

What Is FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) was launched in 2006. The program was designed to share Amazon’s logistic machine with third-party merchants.

Which is famous for handling storage, inventory management, shipping, and safely delivering packages to customers’ doors. This allows sellers to focus on uploading Amazon listing and investing their efforts in improving their marketing game to stand out from the crowd and increase their sales. 

That said, FBA is a no-brainer choice for millions of Amazon sellers. 

By sending products to the warehouse, sellers can rest assured that Amazon will not only take care of fulfillment, but it will also handle customer service from beginning to end.

But it takes more than sellers enrolling in the program to succeed in the marketplace… 

Why Use FBA?

As we mentioned before, with FBA sellers can focus on boosting revenue. You can forego most of the fulfillment process, and focus on customer engagement, for example.

And there’s more to FBA than on-time deliveries. 

The program can bring many benefits to Amazon Sellers, such as: 

  • Amazon Prime – FBA stock is Prime-eligible. This translates to free deliveries for customers, and standing out from your competitors. 
  • Improved Search Ranks – The Amazon A9 algorithm gives priority to FBA products. So, you’ll go up in the search ranks and more customers will find your items.
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). Brands can use FBA services on different eCommerce platforms like eBay. You can also use FBA to sell from your own website. 
  • Customer Service Management. FBA also features Amazon’s customer services. That means Amazon will take care of user inquiries, returns and refunds for you. 

Now, let’s look at some tips to boost your FBA business:

Amazon FBA Business Tips

  1. Find your niche

Go for high-demand items with low competition that sell all-year round. The best way to find such products is by focusing on specific market niches. 

A niche is a specialized group of customers or categories. They usually have less competition, and a solid customer base. 

Once you select your niche, start with as few products as possible. Don’t overstretch, better to see what works. That way, you can discard losing items quickly. 

  1. Keep an eye on your price 

FBA comes with a few costs and fees. These could eat your revenue, if you’re not careful. To prevent losses, sell products for $25-50. 

At such prices, you’ll prevent any losses from fees. Plus, you won’t scare customers away due to high rates. 

  1. Invest in automation

Eliminate manual tasks. 

There are many software tools out there that can automate the FBA process. 

Tools like Jungle Scout can gather Amazon data to select the most profitable products. Not only that, but they can give you intel on pricing, keyword relevance, ratings and more. 

  1. Take advantage of data centralization

Keep your Amazon store data in one location. 

Do not keep many spreadsheets and docs scattered over. This will only clutter you with intel and slow down the workflow. 

Product research tools are great data savers. All item research is kept in a single place. You can also use project management software like Basecamp or Trello. 

These tools are usually cloud-based. So, they grant easy access anywhere in the world. Plus, you can grant limited user permissions to protect your intel. 

  1. Keep your customers updated

Users expect a stellar treatment from sellers. Make sure you give it to them. 

Always update customers on their orders. Ensure they know where their package is, or if there are any delays during shipping. 

You can ease up the process with an email automation tool. This software can program follow-up emails, so your followers are always in the business loop. 

  1. Delegate tasks

Your FBA business may start with only a few hands-on decks. It’s natural to boggle yourself with more tasks than you can handle. 

But as you grow, make sure you delegate work. Avoid micromanaging, better to hire the best marketers or accountants who’ll keep customers and revenue afloat. 

  1. Track your performance

It’s all about trimming the fat. Track your seller performance regularly to detect areas of improvement. Then, set measurable goals. 

Perhaps you have a high-rating product suffering from poor customer support. If that’s the case, focus on improving the experience, you may also opt in getting your own Amazon VA who can look over tedious tasks for you. This´ll delight customers and boost sales further. 

Or maybe, you need to give more attention to your social media interactions. Connecting with customers will boost delight and increase sales further.

  1. Optimize your content

Good Amazon SEO is key to increasing your search ranks in the marketplace. With great content and keyword research, you’ll surely gain more conversions. 

Place the most popular keywords in your listing’s title and description. This way, users typing those terms will have a better chance to find you.

Also, invest in visuals. High-quality pictures catch the customer’s attention. Make sure your images show everything there is to know about the product. 

  1. Use backend keywords

Some keywords are perfect for your ‘front end’ content. Other terms are best suited for the backend. 

Backend keywords are ‘hidden’ terms which can boost visibility. They tell the Amazon algorithm that you are also targeting those keywords. 

These keywords are not seen by users. However, your items will boost in the search thanks to these terms. 

  1. Go abroad

It’s good thinking to focus your selling efforts into localized areas. But as you grow, it’s crucial to expand into new territories. 

Expansion is a tricky task, of course. It takes some market research to select the most profitable territories. Plus, you’ll have to deal with some legal and customs hassles. 

Going abroad is always a good move for Amazon FBA stores, especially with FBA. It’s a smooth fulfillment service, capable of fast deliveries anywhere. 

  1. Stay focused

Building an FBA business is a labor of love. So, invest as much energy as you can in the process. 

Start each day with the mindset of improving your Amazon store. Cut down on distractions and give it the time it needs. 

With enough focus and will power, you’ll soon make your mark in the marketplace.  

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Final Thoughts

Keep these tips at hand to improve productivity and increase sales on Amazon. The end results? No more investment in storage space!

Let Amazon take care of inventory management. A smooth-running FBA store will let you focus on guiding your brand to success.