Packaging is the epitome of first impressions when it comes to your product. Nowadays, it’s not only important to have great product but for its packaging to be equally as great. Indeed, the packaging reflects both the brand and products.

In addition, many brands are enlisting social media influencers to help with the marketing of their products in the form of ‘gift opening’ or ‘unboxing’ videos across social platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. This rising trend also highlights how packaging can be an incredible marketing tool. 

Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the importance of packaging, often opting for the cheapest and fastest solution. However, many successful business owners do believe that packaging is more impactful than the product itself – this article lists some of the main reasons. 

Personal Touch 

Personalisation is incredibly popular today. For marketing purposes, it also serves as social bait as it allows consumers to boast about the product online or in person. Something as small as printed mailing bags or hand-written gift notes can make all the difference. On grander scales, the luxury clothing giant Ted Baker include small cards in with all purchases signed with ‘Love Ted x’. Personalised touches like this allow bigger companies to feel more local, and for all companies to create emotional connection with their customers. 


With increased focus on climate change and the environment, many companies pride themselves on the sustainability and reusability of their packaging. Thinking green and going beyond just presentation and product and considering the more meaningful impact of packaging too. It’s important that consumers don’t discard packaging and businesses can find a way for packaging to be re-used or recycled to encourage less waste going into the environment, making it more ethical and sustainable.

Customer Experience

Packaging can be designed and created in a way that creates suspense and excitement for the recipient. For example, when jewellery is gifted in a beautiful presentation box, it adds to the product experience. You know it’s something special just by looking at the luxurious packaging – it creates an element of excitement and drama.

Stand Out

Packaging is another way to build on your marketing and brand. It’s important that your brand values are seen in every aspect of the business, and this includes the packaging. Be creative with it. For example, Tiffany & Co have made an entire brand out of the way they market their products in the infamous little blue box. Crafting beautiful packaging will entice customers and make them want to choose you.

Mindful Packaging

For successful packaging, it’s key to combine innovation with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This aspect of packaging is more about how businesses can stop packaging from getting damaged, wasting space, and using unnecessary materials. Choosing packaging which is easy to store away and doesn’t take up too much room in a warehouse can make a huge difference, saving lots of time and money. For example, if the packaging is large, bulky and can’t be easily stored away, this can slow down the production and delivery process.

In conclusion, there are plenty of reasons why packaging is often considered more important than the product.