WordPress was popularly known as simply a tool for blogging. However, it has now become a well-developed Content Management System for agencies, institutions, web designers, and many more. Its influence has reached millions of people all over the globe. And without you being aware of it, some of the best sites on the Internet that you frequently visit are WordPress sites.

The general misconception is that because it is an open source, it may not be equipped to handle many tasks. However, this is just a myth because many big brand names are also using WordPress for their websites.  Here are some of the wonderfully designed WordPress sites that you can check out today:

1.    We Virtually Are

This website is a virtual reality studio that utilises WordPress. Its business is to fascinate people through sensitive stories with the use of VR. It also banks on numerous web techniques like the 360-degree video and WebGL, to give its visitors a taste of its immersive nature. One of the sites amazing feature is the virtual reality test drive for the car Audi.

2.    The Walt Disney Company

Unless you have been living in the cave since you were born, then you definitely know Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This global brand is using WordPress to create a professional-level website that is a far cry from the multicolored childish Disney we have all grown to love. The Walt Disney Company wants to be the leading provider and producer of information and entertainment throughout the world. It is a simple, yet professional-looking WordPress site that provides their range of brands to help visitors easily distinguish its consumer products, services, and content.

3.    The Obama Foundation

The website of the non-profit organization of President Barrack Obama has a distinctive modern design that jives with the foundation’s vision and mission. It has a collapsed-type navigation menu that glides when you direct the mouse pointer over it. For optimum user experience, the site uses social sharing, templates, and multimedia.

4.    Angry Birds

In 2009, Rovio debuted the phenomenal game “Angry Birds.” The mobile game became the most downloaded game in history. Since then, the company grew and transformed into an entertainment outfit. The official website of this phenomenal mobile game features simple but entertaining designs. It makes use of the game’s graphics as the background of every page.

5.    Design Museum Denmark

The latest site for the Design Museum of Denmark is another splendid example of a WordPress site. It was made by Stupid Studios, a design and branding agency based in Copenhagen. It features the collections, research, and archives of the museum in a cutting-edge manner. It has an opening animation of the logo of the museum that interplays with color as you surf through its content.

6.    Sunshine Behavioral Health

This website is simple but very innovative. The homepage features the number that you can call in case you need to talk to one of their medical staff for consultation. It also has a button that you can check if the company honors your insurance policy. The bottom part is an interactive showcase of the company’s rehabilitation centers that contains pictures, services offered, and links to each site.

7.    99U

The 99U is a design and pop culture blog for creativeness. You can find a magazine-style template on its homepage that comes with a navigation menu. It also showcases visuals arranged in a masonry-type layout.

8.    Katy Perry

The Pop star’s official website is hosted by WordPress. It concentrates on social media and visuals. The site uses high-definition shots to convey a statement. You can also find Katy Perry merchandise, dates of her tours, and much more. The site is neat but edgy and tries to artistically combine the image of the star with its magazine-style functionality. The singer’s website proves that you can put a heap of personality even if you are using a basic color in your background.

9.    The Chicago Sun-Times

The Sun-Times is the oldest newspaper in Chicago. Aside from winning the Pulitzer Prize eight times, its website uses a basic template that is very user-friendly. You can find everything that you need from a news outfit. The site features entertainment news, political reports, and investigative features, to name a few. It is also very easy to navigate and is not peppered with animations. This way users can quickly get their news updates without getting annoyed by lag caused by heavy animations.

10.    Da Ink

Many tattoo artists nowadays rely on Facebook to advertise their services. Da Ink sets its online presence apart from the usual. The Australian tattoo artist Drew Apicture made use of his talents to craft a fantastic site that displays his works of art. His site, hosted by WordPress, proves that choosing dark could be an attractive way.

The list above is just some of the wonderfully designed WordPress sites. It is important to remember that designing your own site does not require complicated animations. A simple but very functional site that offers everything the visitor wants could stand out from the plethora of sites flocking the Internet superhighway.