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Website design and search engine optimization are two things that should always be complimentary to one another. A web design creates a visual for a website, while search engine optimization boosts that website higher in visibility online. With the internet becoming so popular, having a well designed and a well-ranked website can earn major business credibility and popularity on the net! Read below the 10 intellectual ways to power up your SEO and web design.


#1-Engaging One Page Layout. The one-page web design has brought in major visitor satisfaction rates. This layout is known for its ability to display all the most important and desired items all on one page. This vertical construct makes it easy for the average website visitor to find all the info they need without browsing around on urls. Aside from its main vertical layout shape, the one-page web design is known for having large space for design. For this reason, it is very common to see multiple UI/UX animations on a one-page web design. A UI/UX animation has the ability to produce an engaging design to attract the attention of the average web visitor. Thus, it also will increase a visitor on page stay time and produce a great result for SEO ranks.

What are the top 3 most used design effects with the one-page web design?

1-Scrolling Parallax Effect.

2-Pop Up Menu.

3-Pop Up Contact Form.


#2-Thick and Large Font.  Large font is in style and one of the top guidelines known to make a website mobile friendly. Large font and thick titles makes a bigger statement on the web. Mobile device visitors will have screen sizes that don’t compare to desktops, with that said, increasing the font size on a web page is the perfect way to satisfy the mobile visitor group.

Design tip: Add some personality to your web text and start using google fonts! Google fonts are free, easy to install, and mobile friendly.


#3-Optimize Meta Tags. Meta tag optimization is one of the most important ways to instantly power up SEO. Meta tags will give important ranking information to search engines. The title tag, description tag, and keyword tag will notify a search engine the exact category where a website wants to be placed. Use meta tags wisely and never over stuff keywords.

What are the top 5 Meta Tags to implement?

1-Title Tag.

2-Description Tag.

3-Keyword Tag.

4-Author Tag.

5-Robots Tag.

#4-Minimalistic Design. Less is really more this year. The simpler a website, the better and more lightweight it becomes. A minimal design is known for its ability to create a clear and direct message. A minimal design will most likely contains a white background, geometric outline, plain shapes, 2 color tones, rich illustrations, and a clear bold message on the homepage.

Load Tip: By reducing the elements on the page to produce a minimal web design, a website will load much faster!


#5-Social Media. Social media websites contain billions of active users! Gaining popularity on social media can certainly put your business on the road to success. The average web visitor always researches a website. The first thing that they research is how popular a website is and they will base this popularity score based on the average social media followers a particular site has. Gathering a large group of followers on social media will instantly increase website credibility, website hits, and improve SEO ranks.

Social Media Tip: Keep all social media accounts active by sharing, re-sharing, following, and commenting on a daily basis.

#6-Wordpress Blogging. Blogging will boost website trust and web visibility. There are millions of websites actively online. With this large count, crawlers must differentiate the good sites from the bad sites and blogging does this step great justice. Content is king this year. The more unique content coming out of a website, the more it will expand on the web and build credibility. WordPress is an amazing content management system that makes it very easy the regular person with no coding experience to publish a blog. WordPress is a breakthrough content management system that has thousands of plugins to install and themes to select from.

Blogging Tip: Lengthy content is always more unique and ranks higher on the web.


#7-Video Shares. Produce a video for your website and spread it around to get some buzz! Sharing a video on youtube, vimeo, and dailymotion can certainly bring in new web followers. The more videos you create, the more your following grows.

Video Tip: Post video’s on a scheduled basis to increase subscribers.

#8-Web Color Choice. Every color has a certain emotion behind it. Website visitors will automatically judge a website by the first look.  This first look will influence a first-time web visitor to stay on the web page or leave the site. This is why it is so important to select user-friendly website colors. Depending on the business field, complimentary colors should be selected. For example, marketing websites are usually orange and dentist web sites are usually blue.  

Color Tip: The top vibrant color selections are soft blue, cotton pink, and light peach.


#9-Responsive Web Design. A responsive web design is no longer a design option for websites. With the large group of mobile device users, a website must satisfy this group and go responsive. With a responsive layout design, a web page can automatically resize its shape for all screen sizes.

Responsive Trick: CSS media queries can efficiently resize a website for all different device breakpoints.


#10-Mobile Friendly Standards.  People around the world are actively browsing the net more than 10 times a day on a mobile device. Web sites are not striving to satisfy desktop devices any longer, but now to satisfy the large group of mobile website visitors. Google and other major search engines all recommend that websites should follow mobile friendly website rules. Web sites that are mobile friendly will immediately rank higher in search engine results.  

Mobile Friendly: Always include the viewport tag in the head section of every web page to ensure that mobile devices read a website as mobile friendly and not in a default desktop mode.

Satisfying your website visitors, enhancing your web appearance, and increasing search engine ranks can lead to amazing success on the web. Use the 10 ways above to power up your SEO ranks and website design!