I’m on a rant. I’ve just been asked to make a client’s logo stretch across the full width of their website thus making it probably the only thing anyone will ever see when they visit the site.

In the 10 years i’ve been running Lobster this has to be the most popular request from clients – “can you make our logo bigger?”.

So this is my response to anyone who’s ever asked that question, or who’s thinking of asking it – NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR LOGO.

Unless of course you’re Apple – then people really do care. If you’re Apple, you’ve spent years building a brand that people really, really care about. They care so much that they’re willing to spend over the odds to get products with your logo on. When one of your customers lifts the lid on their Mac Book Pro Air laptops they do so in the knowledge that everyone will see that glowing Apple logo. People do care about the Apple logo.

However, take a gander at the Apple website (apple.com if you didn’t already know). Spot the logo? I’ve highlighted it here in case you miss it.

Apple website

Apple, one of the MOST brand conscious companies in the world have the world’s tinyest logos on their website!

You’re probably thinking, “they don’t need to show off their logo – they’re Apple” and that’s true but let’s look at some other examples where the brand is less valuable.

How about BT? Who cares about the BT brand other than BT themselves? Logic suggests that the less customers care about the brand, the bigger it should be on the website (because we all like to make a statement and it cost £100000000 to have it drawn so we need to use it as much as possible).

bt website

In fact, BT seem to care so little about their own brand that they’re willing to share expensive website real estate with Google!

Want some more examples? How about comparing Nike, another brand people seem to care about, with AutoGlass, one that no-one cares about?

Here’s Nike – i’m not going to point it out to you this time – see if you can spot it.

Nike.com (UK).clipular

And here’s AutoGlass.

Autoglass® Windscreen Repair and Replace - Autoglass® UK.clipular


What do you think is more important to the visitors of your website? Your fancy brand or what you do and how you solve their pain or add value?

Before you email your web designer or graphic designer and ask them to make your logo bigger just think – will it help sell my products or services if my logo is bigger? If you’re Apple then arguably, yes, it might but otherwise, no, it won’t.

What will I do about my client who prompted this post? I’ll do exactly as they asked because the client is always right of course. That’s what we do!