Most high school students who finished and passed their A Levels are excited to head off to university. However, it is important to prepare for and know some essential things about university life, especially if they will live in dorms and be apart from their family for the first time. Here are some tips. 

  1. Find accommodation early. Decide where you want to live so you can find accommodation early, as you will have many competitors for housing facilities inside or outside the campus.
  2. Know your way around. Visit the campus earlier so you can explore and find the location of the buildings where you will take your classes. For example, you can visit if you are considering this school, but it is still better to go there physically to get the place’s ambience as you walk around the campus.
  3. Learn to manage your workload. The workload may triple or quadruple. You will feel overwhelmed and flustered unless you know how to manage your time and workload. Ensure you can divide your school week proportionately and prioritise those subjects that need more attention.
  4. Plan your budget. Whether you get an allowance from your parents or have a student loan, it is still important to work out how much you spend each week. It is essential to have some money set aside for emergencies. Ask for student discounts from establishments around campus.
  5. Get a part-time job only if it is manageable. It’s tempting to find a job, but it might hinder your coursework because you must further divide your time.
  6. Back up your schoolwork. Ensure that you back up your work. Do not simply save them on your electronic device and memory stick, which can malfunction or be stolen. Instead, store your work on any free cloud-based file storage service for protection and easy access.
  7. Learn to cook. You can save more if you learn to cook (healthier meals). Good health is important to handle the stress from additional schoolwork. But stick to a budget and avoid expensive ingredients. You can also cook bigger batches and divide them into meal-sized portions.
  8. Stay in touch with friends and family. Communicating with your family and friends back home can help keep you grounded. Talking with familiar people can alleviate your loneliness and is a good opportunity to speak about your problems openly. You can also have fun by making new friends, but many university seniors advise you to be picky about friends.
  9. Look out for other people. Be conscious about your school friends and dorm mates, as many students suffer from mental health issues today. Some may already be struggling and looking for someone to ask if they are all right.
  10. Use university facilities. Aside from the library, several universities have facilities that students can freely access. Find out what and where they are because they can help your stay in school be enjoyable and valuable.

Our tips can help make your stay at university more comfortable and meaningful. Although it is not advisable to be a hermit, you do not have to attend all the activities and gatherings that many school organisations host. Ensure that you spend more time studying than socialising.