Whether you are a brand, business, or content creator, you must have realised the importance of voice-over services. Including voice-overs in your content offers a wide range of benefits, such as reaching a much wider audience, increasing entertainment value, making your content accessible to those who speak a different language, and more. However, finding a voiceover artist can be pretty challenging, especially with so many choices. The good news is that instead of having to struggle by yourself, this article will go over some of the best online voice-over services and platforms you can choose from and the benefits gained when you book online voice-over services.


When it comes to online voice-over services, one of the best platforms that you can use is Voquent. One of the many aspects that make Voquent so special and stand out above most other voice-over services is its search capabilities. Voquent allows you to use many different filters to find the perfect voice for your projects, such as location, accent, gender, language, age, vocal characteristics, specific tones, and more. This makes it easy to book online voice-over services on their platform. In addition, the site also has over 1,700 dialects and accents to choose from and 70,000 demo samples to listen to before making a choice. They also provide a no-obligation consultation and itemised quote for free.

Bunny Studio

The next online voiceover service on this list might not have as much of a talent pool as the above-mentioned voice-over services. However, you can be sure that the voice-over talent on this platform are all professionals too. One of the things that makes Bunny Studio special is that the platform will act as the middleman, so you don’t have to communicate directly with the talent. The platform offers more than 5,000 voice-over artists and 100 languages to choose from. Bunny Studio also promises you will have a voice-over to review with a fast turnaround, so if you are looking for work to be done quickly, consider checking out this platform.


One of the older platforms in the voice-over industry is Voice123, having been in the game since 2003. This platform will give you access to many voice-over artists ready to start working on various projects, from podcasts to documentaries; Voice123 has a voice-over artist for you. What makes Voice123 so convenient is that you can browse through a vast list of voice-over artists, complete with samples, or post a project you would like done and receive auditions from up to 50 artists. Of course, the downside is that you must wait for the auditions, while sites like Voquent already have examples to choose from.


Another online voice-over service that you should look at, especially if you want a lot of choices, would be Voices. This site also has numerous search capabilities and a massive pool of voice-over artists. You’ll also have access to a wide range of languages and dialects since these voice-over artists come from more than 160 different countries. The site also provides a search filter that allows you to search for voice-over talent used by role, style, language, accent, and age.


One of the newer platforms that you could try out is VoiceCrafters. This platform offers a wide range of services, from voiceovers for e-learning, video games, corporate videos, explainer videos, commercials, audiobooks and more. VoiceCrafters provides a talent pool of more than 80 languages, and the search feature is also quite intuitive. When searching for talent, you can filter for voice, age, location, gender and language. More importantly, each profile in the search results has a demo you can listen to and tags that give you an idea of what the voice sounds like or what type of work they are best at doing.


Much like Voice123, Voicfy allows you to post a project you need to be completed and review auditions from the many voice-over artists on the platform. Currently, the platform provides a wide selection of voiceover artists, specifically over 10,000, who speak a diverse range of languages of up to 100 or more. The talent on this platform can do many different projects, including narration, corporate explainer videos, commercials and product descriptions. If you don’t want to post a project, you can find a voice-over artist manually by searching through the list or using some search filters, which can be quite limited. The platform does show you whether or not the talent is using a home studio or an external studio, so you know if this booking also needs to be made.

Benefits of Using Voice-Overs

Voice-over provides many benefits. One of the reasons you might want to use a voice-over artist is if you want to cater to a larger audience that doesn’t speak the same language as you. Voice-over artists can dub your content in another language, making it more accessible to a broader audience. Using a voiceover artist for your advertisements or commercials is crucial if you are a business. The primary reason for this is that you want to have a personality for your brand that is relevant to your buyer’s persona and one that they can relate to.

However, using voice-overs isn’t just limited to brands; businesses, content creators, and e-learning courses also benefit drastically from using this service. It might be a surprise that not all learners are visual learners, and some learners retain information much more effectively when hearing it – the list is endless.