As the name implies, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to transmit audio over the internet in a manner that is sufficiently clear and latency-free to allow for digitally hosted conversations. In recent years, IP PBX solutions for small businesses have begun to rival and even surpass traditional phone systems in popularity within some industries. 

In particular, with the advent of 5G technology unleashing even more potential on the telecoms industry, small businesses and entrepreneurs who conduct online business are more likely to select cloud-based phone software than rely on traditional phone services. So, how is VoIP better than a “regular phone” and why are small businesses gravitating towards it at a rate that’s set to make it the primary method of business communication with the next decade? Below, we’ll answer those questions and more to explain why VoIP is such a hot commodity in the business world right now:

Portability & Compatibility

VoIP phone systems allow for streamline digital compatibility and portability because you can connect to your small business hosted VoIP solution from anywhere there’s an internet connection. This means you can change operating systems, physical office locations, headsets, and any other aspect of the business without having to make adjustments to accommodate the migration of your phone system. As long as you can get online and connect a device to a computer, you’ll be able to use the same VoIP system, with all of your contacts loaded into exportable formats inside a user-friendly online control panel. 

Connectivity & Flexibility

While landlines are typically the most stable form of communication, they’re also the least flexible and applicable for entrepreneurs because they’re tethered to a telephone pole. Plus, landline service outages do happen, just as mobile signal loss can become a problem inside many structures or in certain rural areas. Combining a cloud-based VoIP system with a high-speed internet subscription for your office, and a designated mobile Wi-Fi hotspot + range extender with an unlimited mobile data plan for your travelling needs will ensure that you’ll have business phone service and connectivity far beyond the reach and consistency of any landline or conventional mobile phone signal. 

Less Maintenance

Traditional phone systems require ongoing hardware and software maintenance, which may create the need to pay support specialists for assistance. In the VoIP environment, telephone system maintenance is handled continually by the software provider and the user receives full remote support in troubleshooting any functionality problems that might arise. By interfacing with almost any headset or device through a cloud-based software, hosted VOIP phone systems for small business can keep hardware problems from causing unnecessary disruptions. 

Establishing an Essential Business Contact Method

Finally, the unavoidable need to provide phone support is another reason why a small business hosted VOIP phone system is becoming one of the best-selling digital services for SMEs. A company that doesn’t have a phone number is much less likely to be taken seriously by prospective client. So, in a sense, having a reliable and affordable business phone system has become a mandatory prerequisite for operating in most industries.