Over the next two years, wannabe entrepreneurs will launch up to 3.4m pop-up shops across the UK

UK burger chain Meatliquor was started from a burger van and is now valued at £20m.

There’s a revolution in retail going on in the U.K. with the pop-up culture becoming established in our high streets but what i’m really encouraged by is the finding from this survey that 11.6m new entrepreneurs by 2017.

This seems like an overly optimistic statistic and i’m sure the figure won’t be that high but still, even a smaller percentage of this will be wonderful news for the economy.

I’ve recently become a role model for Big Ideas Wales which has opened my eyes to the efforts being put in by the Welsh Government to try and inspire youngsters to think about setting up businesses. It’s a wonderful scheme and one that i’m looking forward to being involved in immensely.

So, perhaps with schemes such as Big Ideas Wales and others around the U.K. we will see the estimated 3.4m pop-up shops and somewhere towards 11.6m start-ups over the next two years?