European homecare brand Spontex, with help from Fred & Farid, has launched a French account — @SpontexFrance — that is being billed as “The Cleanest Twitter Account.” Get it? Cleaning product brand launches clean Twitter account? OK. Moving on.

This “cleanest Twitter account” is clean in the sense that, well, the feed is basically blank white space until, that is, you click on the white space which then expands to an image which delivers witty, secret messages — some showing the brand’s cute hedgehog mascot — all designed to tout the brand’s new Full Action System Broom.

If the lure of finding the secrets behind the white space isn’t enough, the brand will occasionally insert tweets that reward the new product to the first person to favorite them.


This is a wonderfully simple idea and executed perfectly. Social Media is often thought to be complicated and time consuming but ideas such as this are really simple and totally effective.