By far the most efficient way to establish your business brand and attract new customers is to utilise social media networks to share your new content. The problem most new businesses face is trying to manage and maintain multiple social media accounts.

If you take a look at social media analytical information, you will find that each network is at its most busy at different times of day, and you may find yourself easily spending entire days attempting to optimise your marketing efforts to suit each one.

When you are in business you have to make the best possible use of your time and to make your efforts as productive as you can. This is where you can take advantage of HootSuite to reduce the burden of scheduling your social media content and streamlining it to one single platform.

For those who are not familiar with HootSuite and how it can ease your social media commitments, here are a few ways you can utilise it for your business:

You can connect with more than 35 popular social networks, and more will be added regularly as new platforms emerge and grow in popularity. The ability to link into your business blogging accounts also makes it easier to post new content to keep your blogs updated regularly with fresh content.

Integrated popular business apps allow you to streamline and share presentations and information between team members, established investors, and reach out to prospective B2B customers through apps such as Instagram, Dropbox, Marketo, and Flikr to name but a few. Currently there are more than 100 apps in the directory, and more will be added in future.

Improve your time-management with pre-scheduling. Because you can access all your business social media networks and business applications from one place, you can pre-schedule your posts and tweets well in advance. Not every business has the time each day of the working week, or even every hour of the working day to sit and post out new content to multiple platforms. This handy tool can free up your time to enable you to focus on other important tasks.

Post on the go while on the move with the HootSuite mobile app. If your business involves you being away from your main base for most part of your day or working week, then you can still post or schedule your social media updates using the mobile app that is available on iOS or Android devices. Very useful if you are out in the field and receive some positive business news that your want to share immediately with your network or team members.

There are tailored options to suit the size of your business. For the small or medium size business or agency, the Pro package is a manageable option that includes up to 10 team members and up to 100 social media profiles, as well as providing up to 10 analytical reports to keep your marketing efforts on track. As your business grows you can upgrade to the Enterprise package that is more suited to larger corporations that due to their size would need unlimited social profiles and team members included.

As with any form of social media marketing, you need to monitor the response to your efforts. It is good to set aside maybe one day per week to devote to pre-scheduling of posts, tweets and releases to your multiple platforms, but you will not know how well they are achieving unless you check in daily to see your results. With HootSuite it is easy to see how many likes, retweets, comments, messages and requests for more information you have received each day to your posts. Obviously those posts or threads with a good response will allow you to focus and maintain your efforts in the right direction.