To ensure business success, nowadays, you should do the first and the most important thing – to provide its online presence.  How can you do that? Right, by creating a website. This is where demand for web and software development starts. Every company try to expand their horizons and tweak up online platform, which gives them an extra boost. And web development agencies are the first to call. They assist a firm to build an application or website from scratch or help maintain the existing one. It is a full-circle development support, from designing software architecture to technical support.

The process includes website creation, content generation, frontend/backend programming, system security safeguards, etc. Starting from planning, implementing, monitoring, communicating and finally delivering the completed project before the deadline, they ensure quality at each step. But whether it is coding, or it is designing, a web development company delivers the final product that is focused on users.

So, the primary goal of web development is to make websites as simple and flexible as possible to assist users in finding and navigating connections.

Ukrainian web development companies and what do they offer?

Let’s analyze the Ukrainian web and software marketplace. Sifting through the list of top IT companies, the majority of them provides web development services. It is roughly 40% on average of all the services companies offer. And for some of them it takes at least 50-70 percent.

Industries, they cooperate with, vary the most. Approximately one-quarter of companies work in socially important areas like education, healthcare&medicine. This is a little bit more than 20 % on average of their interests. Another quarter is interested in informative, financial technologies or banking. And the rest of companies can be divided into two types: first one has set specific industry like ecommerce, logistic or business as a main, while the other one balances between many different industries with small percentage involving (retail, media, travel&lifestyle, designing, testing etc.).

Most of these companies work with medium and small business. What is common is only that nearly all of them offer full-circle web and software development by creating sites or apps. Interview a business, help assess their goals, contribute their experience to advise on what works, what things cost etc. and work out how to assist the company to achieve those goals. So, what is the purpose of being a web development company?

Benefits of being a web development company?

The most necessary need today – it is a need for comfort. Online shopping, food delivery services etc. cultivated the biggest exaltation of “home convenience” during the pandemic. Giants like Amazon and Walmart, eBay, and others have shown that online shopping is a great way to purchase and sell a wide range of products. More organizations are realizing how important it is to have an online presence. They hire independent freelance developers or turn to the web development agencies and pay them an agreed amount to create a website or mobile application or convert their old webpage into a more modern one.  Businesses are looking for experts in this area more than ever. Moreover, to start a web development business you don’t need an office or should understand coding, and it takes a little investment of money. More important is the ability to gather a professional team and put in some time and effort.   

How to start your own development company?

If you are determined to start own software development company, let’s talk about stages you should follow:

1. Business plan. Define what you specialize in, what makes you different and what you long for (everything from the name to mission and vision of the company, investments, profit margin, target audience etc.)

2. Registration. You should go through paperwork like filling the registration form, mailing the documents and making the payment.

3.   Licenses. To avoid any penalties, you must obtain the necessary licenses like GST Registration and Shop and Establishment License (if setting up an office).

4. Business bank account. Opening a separate bank account helps in managing the expenses and estimating the actual profits. Also, it protects your assets in case of any debts.

5. Business account. Keep a record of the expenses and earnings. It benefits you in tax filing and knowing the financial review of the company.

6. Team. Hire professionals of what you are going to do. It can be freelancers, part-time employees or full-time developers. No matter, there are just things you cannot do on your own.

7. Website. The last one, but not the easiest. Your company’s site should represent the brand you strive to build and attract the customers.

Things you should know before setting up first web development site

However, starting a web development business will not happen smoothly. At the start there will be more risks to be taken and some hard decisions. Get sure, you took care about things below:

–   Think about how much you will need to invest to reach goals within a specified time frame.

–   Come up with the idea of finding first clients. Use your existing social network or collaborate on various projects.

–   Set up a price list. Consider the experience you have got and start from the minimum to get a client base.

–   Study the service market. Before organizing a business, look for the current trends and what your potential clients need.