When you are just starting out with your new business venture, you have a distinct advantage over larger and more seasoned companies. This advantage is your overwhelming enthusiasm for your own product or service.

Passion and enthusiasm for your own product or service comes over especially well when you are using video marketing as part of your social media marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of people who actually prefer to watch a video rather than read a block of text information to gain an understanding of a particular item or service, and this is why utilizing video should be an important part of your promotions.

In recent years video marketing has emerged to be one of the most powerful methods of marketing, and now is considered to be a ‘must have’ element of the overall marketing strategies of many large and successful businesses.

Videos rank very well with the search engines, and I have seen some rank on the first page of Google within two days of release in their particular niche.

You only have to check out some of the statistics for You Tube to realise just how powerful video marketing can be for your business.

Being the second largest search engine across the world, You Tube now has over 800 million users, with over 400 billion view per day with no signs of slowing down! At any given minute in time there are over 2.8 million videos viewed on You Tube.

The mobile market is an ever-increasingly popular way to communicate, and You Tube scores over 3 million views per day through this medium, so do you think this is something you should ignore?

On average, video has a 41% higher click through rate than regular text links within written content, so this makes it clear that video sharing is an extremely effective way of raising your company awareness.

If you can talk passionately about your business through video, you will build a great level of trust with your viewers who can tell that you are being genuine about your product or service, and will be more willing to buy from you.

Many large companies will employ professional video marketing companies to create video content for them. But by doing this they run the risk of putting some viewers off because the person presenting the video may be completely detached from the particular product or service they are discussing.

Some professional video producers and presenters are so polished with their delivery that they look over-rehearsed, and do not radiate that core passion and belief on camera that a true entrepreneur, creator or inventor would have for their own invention.

Passion aside, you still need to make sure you are editing your video in the right way to make it appealing to your audience. It would help you immensely to go and watch some videos that are within your niche, or are associated to your line of business in some way.

Pick out the elements of the videos that you like and find particularly engaging and note them down to use as reference points for when you are creating your own videos. Do the same for elements that really annoy you or grate on your ears, such as repeated words, accents, hesitations and pauses, nervous ticks or habits that the presenter or voice over artist exhibits that distract your concentration. These will obviously be things to avoid.

There are lots of free online courses to help you with video editing if you need help. Remember that practice makes perfect, so if your first video isn’t making a good impression, take it down and make another! The more you practice the more familiar you will become with the process.

Only a few years ago video sharing was not such an easy thing to do. The whole experience was quite off-putting to some small and medium sized businesses, and their precious time was probably better spent elsewhere. However, things have changed with video sharing platforms such as You Tube, and a video can go viral practically overnight!

You can learn so much about making videos from others within the community, so make and effort to join groups on You Tube, and contribute, share and interact in the exact same way as you would while on Facebook or Twitter.

Once you are comfortable with creating video, you can give out valuable content that people will trust and value, and will be happy to click through to purchase from you.

Posting your video content to your social media sites is easy, and will enable you to reach out to your target audience through many different channels. Once your video becomes popular to watch within your niche, it will continue to spread far and wide without any further effort on your behalf.

If making videos is something you have been side-stepping for a while, you should now realize and utilize the value of reaching out to your target audience by the use of a simple video. It is an effective way to bring in massive amounts of traffic to your website or blog. It will be worth it!