I recently came across this Ted Talks which is short but with a sweet message. The crux of it is to use the ever influential world of advertising and put it to good use.

The gentleman in the video explains how he came to this epiphany by helping a young boy in Ghana to make the 25km trip to school easier so he can fulfill his dreams of becoming a doctor.  As most of you are probably thinking, like I did, we as a nation do a lot to raise money for less privileged children, however it’s the end of his talk which made me realise just how powerful this could be.

Advertising is so powerful it can actually change our actions and the way we live our lives.  If we like an advert, we listen to it.  Therefore why not do good through advertising, just like Ben and Jerry’s in this video.

So I urge you to think, when advertising your business, could you be doing something life changing for someone?