No one can escape the grasp of insurance — not even digital marketing businesses. It may seem that digital marketing is a low-risk business that doesn’t need insurance coverage, but impressions can be misleading. To avoid potentially devastating situations that you, your business, or your employees can’t get out of, get covered with the below insurance policies.

Professional Liability Insurance

“Professional liability” is sometimes called “errors and omissions” liability. This type of insurance is the most important for a digital marketing company, as it protects a company, its workers, and other professionals involved in the company from claims of defective work or negligent activity. That type of behaviour would be comparable to a malpractice suit filed against a doctor who accidentally harms a patient. A marketing firm could accidentally harm their client’s reputation through malpractice or misrepresentation. Actions that could invoke this insurance includes slandering a client’s competitor, producing libel of a client’s competitor, unethical information or survey gathering, and practising poor marketing or giving bad marketing advice that consequently harms the client’s reputation.

Especially when a company is focused on internet relations as with digital marketing, professional liability insurance protects the digital marketing company from the erroneous behaviour of the web. The possibility of things going wrong could be endless — a vindictive person fakes slanderous remarks against a competitor and pins it on your company, and you need something to keep your company afloat in the legal proceedings. Or perhaps a contractor you outsourced produced libellous material that went unnoticed initially. You should ensure any outsourced employee has their own professional liability insurance, as their policy can keep your business covered during proceeding legal actions. Should your company actually perform marketing malpractice, this insurance keeps you covered in that situation as well.

General Liability Insurance

It is recommended for all businesses to have some sort of general liability insurance. Not only will it protect you in the case of marketing injuries like with professional liability insurance, general liability safeguards against third-party personal injury and property damage claims. This policy would be especially useful if you have physical business premises your company uses, or at the very least shared technology and other materials between you and your employees or coworkers. The physical technology would be protected in addition to theoretical damages that can happen to a client’s reputation.

Cyber and Privacy Liability Insurance

Since a digital marketing company inherently means running an online business, you’re at risk for cybercrime and data breaches. You’re also at risk for private data to be stolen through seemingly innocuous means. If a company sent you intimate data to work with for their marketing materials and that data was stolen, you could potentially face a lawsuit. These are becoming increasingly more devastating risks that could severely damage a company, especially small ones, and so protection against the unthinkable would be smartest for a digital marketing company. No matter how small the breach is, your company would still be held responsible, so it’s best to protect yourself from possibilities like that.

With these insurance policies and coverage in place, your digital marketing company can avoid potentially damaging situations that could affect the longevity or success of your business.