Trying to stand out from a sea of similar websites can seem impossible. However, there are many sites out there who might be in different industries than your own brand yet still have memorable digital marketing. Take a leaf out of their book and think about ways you can incorporate their digital marketing ideas into your own blossoming brand. Here are some of the sites you could head to for inspiration.


There are so many casinos out there and they all need to have unique branding and a unique selling point. This makes them ideal case studies for your own investigations! Check out this online casino to see what they manage to do in terms of marketing. You can browse the games easily by category and you also have access to all the information about deals they are currently running onsite. There are even links to their social media, which can be a great tool for pushing out additional deals.

Casinos are great for affiliate marketing so if this is a route you plan to go down with your own brand you should consider looking into their affiliate models to see if it is a structure similar to what you envisioned. There are many lessons you could learn here.


The beauty industry is worth millions and each brand’s digital marketing team is working around the clock to make sure they stand out against the competition. Whether it is appealing to a certain demographic of consumer, or standing for an environmental or social issue, beauty brands are beginning to show a more human side to be able to appeal to an ever-changing audience.

They also know how to use social media to their fullest advantage. Sites like Instagram and Twitter are crucial when it comes to interacting with and receiving feedback from their customers. They work with top influencers to get their products out there on a medium which many people can interact with.

Luxury Goods

If you head to the truly high-end spectrum, you will find digital marketing which is elegant and aloof. Depending on your brand, this might not be what you are after, but if you are trying to launch a new luxury brand then you will need to take inspiration from the masters.

Luxury digital marketing is nearly always understated; preferring to let the products speak for themselves. The brands know that it is their reputation which brings the customers to them and they use their platforms as a way to reach new ones. They also make fantastic use of influencers. Many people follow influencers on Instagram for a glimpse of a life they would rather have. Through the promotion of luxury products in this platform, they may be tempted to splurge on one product if they can. Digital marketing helps to subtly encourage this way of thinking.

These are three sources you can draw digital marketing inspiration from for your own brand. Think about what is unique about your product. How will you use your marketing to bring out its best?