You own an online store and want to boost Christmas sales through SEO. There are many things you can try to realize your business goal this festive season. You need to make the most out of the massive search during Christmas time to make your sales figures shoot high. Then, there is competition, and it’s not an easy thing to do. Occupying the top spot in the search engine results pages or SERPs, especially during the festive season is no joke. You need to implement the best practices in e-commerce SEO. 

According to an article published on, you need to make your website mobile-friendly so that your site works on smartphones and iPads. Mobiles have outsmarted desktop when it comes to search volumes. Therefore, you need to reach out to a large section of people who want to buy Christmas gifts on their smart devices. So you see, mobile SEO is the critical factor when it comes to Christmas sales. 

Responsive design exists for quite a while and has reached a level when it is effortless to implement. However, if you have WordPress, you need not use responsive design or frameworks. There are plugins such as WP Touch to make your website mobile-friendly in no time. Here are some top tips to improve your Christmas sales through e-commerce SEO:

Know about your best-selling products 

When you are using Google Analytics and focusing on your online SEO data, you can click on the conversion rate tab to arrange all information by the maximum rate of conversion. It would give some search phrases or keywords (KWs) that helped to boost sales with the minimum traffic to achieve those sales. Identifying your best converting organic KWs will help you know which of your products shoppers like to purchase from Google search and if you can receive that traffic and conversions at a similar rate to get increased sales. 

For example, if your conversion rate is 100 percent and you had one visit and a sale, there is nothing like it. Then, you need to look for long-tail KWs and phrases that convert and boost your e-commerce sales consistently during the festive time. You need to work hard and put some extra effort into reaching the sales target during Christmas. There is no shortcut or an easy way out. You need to work on your e-commerce SEO. 

What will be an excellent opportunity to boost SEO sales? It should be to discover KWs, which led to many sales during the festive season. Although those rates of conversion would be less than the optimum, determining where your e-commerce website ranks in the SERPs for such KW can help in identifying a gap, find a solution, and so that you can increase your site ranking for that specific KW. 

Once more, the higher your site ranks in the SERPs, the more visits you will receive, and if the visitors convert at the equivalent conversion rate, it will be a fast way for your online store to boost e-commerce sales during Christmas. Consult with a digital marketing professional who knows how to optimize your products to improve sales during Christmas. 

When you have many search terms or KWs to pick from, first optimize your products in the highest order worth and the maximum profit with huge sales volume during festive times. 

Figure out where your website currently ranks on Google

Google Search Console is a cost-free service from the search engine giant with loads of other practical insights that display your website’s average rankings for an array of search terms or KWs.

The most significant benefit of the tool is that it typically comes with a couple of surprising KWs that you failed to understand that your site was ranking for those search terms. Different from Google Analytics, instead of informing you about what happens to website visitors when they click on your page URL, Google Search Console helps in filling up the gaps of what occurs before these visitors land on your website. Now, that is a unique benefit of Google Search Console. 

The rationale is that it could be extremely beneficial is it helps to show that you rank very good for a search term, and you have a non-existing click-through rate or CTR that nobody is clicking on your Google search result. This information is available exclusively to you. And you can take a look at the Google search result in a detailed manner and figure out how you could get better so that more visitors click on your website. 

The other positive aspect of Google Search Console is the fact that it can demonstrate you a couple of the misplaced KW or search phrase data at the back the line in your regular organic SEO reports.

When it comes to Google Search Console, you can also include it in your Google Analytics account. It will let you tap speedily between the SEO reports to evaluate sooner and implement the best SEO practices. 

Do a reality check of your existing Meta description

From the time when Meta descriptions were cast off by the search engines like Google and are supposedly not used to find out a website’s rankings in the SERPs, several site owners were overlooking the 150-character snippets that show beneath the title tag in the SERPs.

E-commerce website owners must pay no attention to such little pieces of text at their own risk, as they can benefit about 100 percent click-through rates when their website ranks top in Google’s search pages. Therefore, if you’re receiving something less than that you might be missing compared to a search competitor’s listing beneath, you will get the first click, which is beneficial for your website SEO. Indeed, when a visitor is keen to purchase from a competitor website, their product page should be adequate to convince that buyer to checkout directly, and your e-commerce site was missing the sales opportunity. 

Final words 

Now that you have these tips, sharp focus on them, understand what you need to do, and finally implement the ideas to boost your Christmas sales. Happy selling!