There are over 3 billion cell phone users in the world and a large majority use smartphones. From the ultra-expensive iPhones and latest flagships from Samsung and Huawei to the tune of 1,000 dollars, there are also simple cell phones which don’t cost even $20. But one thing is common among the users of all these phones. They all get text messages and push notifications regularly and both of them are good marketing tactics targeting specific users.

Let’s admit it; we all see virtually all of the push notifications or a text messages within a minute of receiving it. In fact, the average is over 90% and that’s a staggering percentage. There is so much common between a push notification and a simple text message that the line is often blurred to say the least. That’s why a layman confuse both of them as one.

In this blog now, I will try my best to offer you what a push notification actually comprises of and how it is different in nature than a text message. In the end, I will conclude why push notifications are the way to go for any company regardless of its nature or field of business.

Cost Factor

For a multinational conglomerate like Colgate Palmolive or Unilever, it may not be substantial, but for startups and small businesses, it can be crucial. There are ways in which a text message is very expensive for small time players and in the start of the business, it can be next to impossible to sustain their business model. That’s where a one-time cost of a software is feasible through which companies can send virtually unlimited number of push-notifications.

User’s Preference

It is a known fact that the mobile users can opt-in/opt-out of push-notifications easily. You can set the preference about getting the notifications from WhatsApp and turn them off for Facebook, for example. On the other hands, text messages can’t be used in this way and they must be turned off completely. So a user need to keep them open as they may receive important SMS daily. So in this context, text notifications have an upper hand.

The use of social media here can also be of great benefit for a company and that’s where a social media-platforms infographic aptly presented to their potential customers can be of maximum benefit.

Retention Rates

For increasing retention rates with your target audience, you as a business owner, can make an app through which you can improve user retention. You can send your users important messages for a special occasion or discount offers which they will see inside a few hours, at most. And if they will be inclined, they will opt for your offer. So through push notifications, a company can start seeing positive results within days.

Customised Messages

A company can use customised messages just like the point mentioned above so that they can target specific people based on their preference and their usage. A beautifully designed birthday wish along with a special offer to make his day more perfect. For example, a special coupon for a dinner for two on a person’s marriage anniversary would be a perfect gift even if he has no plans for doing so.


This is what can make a business grow exponentially if it offers good ROI and push notifications are good way to do that. Through push notification on important dates and offer mobile users offers that complement their special occasions, a company can raise the ROI through this aspect. There are many examples in the past that companies can benefit through push notifications big time as even a handful of loyal customers can spread the news big time through word of mouth, which is the fastest and free tool of marketing for any company.

Final Word

I am certain that you are now well-aware of the fact that push notifications have definitely an edge over text messages. The above mentioned 5 points is not a definite list but enough proof of the fact that push notifications can benefit businesses greatly. It is, however, the job of a mobile app development company and an experienced app developer to make push notifications perfect for any mobile app. And popular apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat are definitely on the list.

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