As the year 2020 continues to progress, it seems as though trade business competition has never been tougher. All businesses around the world are now becoming an even tougher global market place. Companies have to compete against those brands that offer services that are similar to them. Some of these businesses are literally on the other side of the world. 

Before going very far, we cannot assume that everyone understands the meaning of trade business. Trading companies are those businesses that work with a broad range of products that they sell for business, consumer, or government purposes. Trading businesses purchase a specialized range of products, maintain a shop or a stock, and deliver these products to customers. This article will look at the various ways to promote your trade business. It is good to make sure that you stand out in the market through proper competition.  

In this context, marketing your trade business effectively has never been more important. For you to stand out from the competition truly, there is a need to do something different. In 2020, you need to truly become creative with your marketing. It means moving away from the tactics that every other person is using.

It will help you in attracting more customers, building your client base, and the sky will be your limit when it comes to business growth. Here are 5 amazing ways to promote your trade business in 2020 and take it to the next level. 


Sponsor or Partner Other Organization 


To build a brand, you have to start by having the right advice and tools. Sponsoring another service or organization is a technique that has been around for several years. However, we are living in a world where many types of modern advertising are no longer effective or less effective than they used to be. A great way to reach out many consumers is plastering your brand in their eyes. 

The secret here is being creative with the businesses that you are partnering with. Try to find on-brand sponsoring opportunities, a little left-of-center, and highly visible. Sponsoring opportunities can be for products and brands that are around year-round or for particular events. 

This tactic is not limited to the big brands along. Even a small trade business can also get on in sponsorship but on a smaller scale. Coca Cola can sponsor the Olympics but you small business may decide to sponsor a local event in the community. 


Exhibit at Trade Shows 


Trade shows is another great way of marketing your trade business. Most people tend to overlook this rather traditional way of marketing in the modern context of digital marketing. However, trade shows are still big business and keep on drawing thousands of individuals to each event. Therefore, trade shows are a great way of reaching out to new audiences in addition to building your trade business.

These events give entrepreneurs and opportunity to engage with their potential clients in an in-depth manner. You allow your target audience to ask questions, test your products, and increase to possibility of buying your products. It is essential to have an attractive display booth to help draw visitors to your stand. The booth should make the most of your presence during each trade show. 


Hold Social Media Contests 


Currently, all businesses understand why social media marketing is important. For instance, 70% of the US population is on social media and hence your trade business cannot afford to ignore this area. Over 90% of the businesses in the United States use social media. However, most of them are still using similar tired old tactics and boring posts. 

A great way of engaging with your fans and generating some business at the same time is via social media contests. There are several ways of doing this like inviting a friend, caption contests, hashtag contests, and picture contests among others. It can even be better if you can hold the contests on multiple social media platforms. 


Create Shareable Content 


The other way of getting ahead of the social media game and standing out from your competitors is to create something that is truly shareable. It can be an amazing infographic, and useful, funny, or inspiring video, or something that is completely different. The most important thing it to design something that will compel your audience to share with their family and friends. 

As people continue to share your content, it will get to hundreds or even thousands of people. It will have a greater reach than if it would only stay in your established audience. Remember the content should touch on your trade business. Therefore, make sure that the content is branded by including your logo or website on the infographics. It will help people to learn about your trade business. 


Media Outreach 


PR is far from dead in the modern age of digital marketing. Currently, you have an opportunity of getting into the media via physical publications to traditional PR and online PR to digital ones. A strong PR strategy is highly effective when it comes to promoting your trade business. 

It will also build trust with your target audience and generate more sales ultimately. The most important thing at this point is contacts. You need to build a network of contacts in appropriate publications and offer them something that is valuable or interesting to publish. 

Bonus Point: Teach Your Expertise 

Marketing is 2020 is all about value. It is crucial to give your prospects a valuable thing to be able to capture their attention. The best approach is sharing your knowledge in your specific area of expertise. There are several ways of doing this like free e-books, guides or blogs, in-person speaking events, podcasts, and videos. It will help you build a relationship with your prospects while displaying your expertise. It will help them develop a lot of interest in buying your products.


All these tips are great ways to promote your trade business in 2020. You can use all of them or choose a few to take your business to the next level. It all depends with the type of goods that you are selling and your industry.