It’s common sense to market your products and services to those who are most likely to buy from you and to target them via the channels they use and the times they watch/read. We schedule to make sure a certain group of people see our messages, place adverts in magazines we know our target audience read and the big companies pay for TV adverts to be shown at their target markets ‘peak viewing’ times.

As I work from home I usually take some time out at lunchtime to have some grub and watch a bit of day time TV (Real Housewives, don’t judge me), but the thing I seem to watch the most is the bloody adverts. Not only are they annoying because they happen every 10 minutes, but it’s the type of advert which is annoying. Just because it’s mainly women at home during a weekday it doesn’t mean we need to see adverts for hair removal and make up all day long.

The advert below is a prime example of something I see everyday and can basically say word for word.  I know people will say, well don’t watch TV, read a book or go for a walk, but sometimes I want to just sit and watch mind numbing shows. I just wish these companies would realise that however much I see these stupid adverts, I won’t be buying their products!

I’m actually watching TV whilst I write this and have had another 3 adverts about skincare and make up, both with a crazy amount of celebrity endorsement!

Advertisers take note…Less is more.